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These pages represent our house rules. Subcategories represent the state: accepted, proposed, rejected.

Proposed scheme:

  1. Create a page under 'Rules:' (e.g. Rules:ContactsRedux)
  2. Add the category [[Category:Rules]]
  3. Add the category [[Category:Proposed Rules]]
  4. Use the discussion page
    • I'm thinking of having a section at the top saying who is currently okay with the page content, e.g. Accepted: Jynx(Talk), Revàn
    • Change the page as discussion goes on
    • If you want to propose a change but don't want to put it on the official proposal yet, either add it directly to the discussion or add a subpage or something
    • Once a concensus is reached in the statuses on the top, anyone can move the page to Accepted
    • Canning the proposal should probably be done by the original proposer when they feel it's dead
    • This might be too much process, but it would have helped me at least with e.g. the Increasing Contacts discussion, it got hard to follow what state we were saying yea or nay to.
  5. If accepted, change [[Category:Proposed Rules]] to [[Category:Accepted Rules]]
  6. If rejected, change [[Category:Proposed Rules]] to [[Category:Rejected Rules]]