OOC:Actions (rolls and GM feedback)

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This page is intended to be used to resolve downtime actions and/or to link to pages with such resolutions.

Matrix searches with Malta assisting Jynx and buying dice result in 3 hits per search

Action: Matrix Search on H&K
(I can't remember how much I told you about these guys so far, so some of this might not be new information.)

H&K Defence is an unaffiliated defence contractor, effectively a military startup. They are a relatively new player and have not been financially successful. You know from previous work that they've been spamming JackPoint with tons of drek-tier datasteal runs, believing very much in quantity over quality. There are two people connected to H&K whose names turn up a lot in the shadow community. One is Rupert Kraus, ork and co-founder of H&K. There's some grumbling that the company is hemorrhaging nuyen because of him, and it's pretty obvious where it's going. The second name is this Mr. Steiner character you heard about on JackPoint. He seems to be the main corporate Johnson for H&K, but he likes to send underlings to most of the meetups, probably due to his bad reputation (or he thinks he's too good for it). Now that you're going over the data again, you notice one run he was hiring for directly. It didn't seem like the usual copy-and-paste job as the others -- didn't give a lot of details on what he wanted. The post is marked as "closed" so you gather he found runners for it, whatever it was.

You dig a little deeper into H&K's defensive capabilities. Not being on their grid, you don't get any nova-hot tips, but you have a better idea of what kind of firepower they could theoretically field. From what you can see, the aircraft in their hangar are more suitable for reconnaissance missions than air-to-air combat.

Action: Matrix Search on wetwork done in the area in the last month
A search of the usual gun-for-hire hosts (or as much of one as you think you can conduct without outside scrutiny) doesn't turn up anything that you find particularly relevant to this situation.

Action: Matrix Search on Kobei
Kobei Research is one of Mitsuhama's primary defence contractors, specializing in military-grade imaging and radar systems. Like other Mitsuhama properties, they are very aggressive and hold a "zero tolerance" policy when dealing with intruders. They have an office in Seattle. You also get the name Jin Oboro, who is apparently a fixer with some connection to Kobei and a couple other corps.