Rules:Merging Pilots & Agents

From Jackpoint

Pilots & Agents are now known as Knowbots, and are the same thing. Though knowbot packages are called Agent or Pilot based on suites and role.

Pilot programs & agents both get a free personality. Changing it costs 100¥ & avail 4, or a Logic + Software [ratingx1.5] (hour) test.

Knowbots can, usually, use skills linked to Logic and Intuition. They can only roll skills they have, they are not fully intelligent (if you want that, see AI). However, whenever they are using attributes they have, they roll their rating in place of the Attribute.

Knowbot Prices: (2^R)x100 Avail: Rx4 Capacity: Rx3

Name Price Avail Capacity Time Threshold
Drone Pilot suite: Rx2000 Rx2 [R] 1 day Rx3
Vehicle Pilot suite: Rx2500 Rx3 [Rx2] 1 day Rx4
Skill Package: Rx500 10 [1] Rating Hours Rx2
Innate Autosoft: Rx500 Rx2 [1] 2 hours 10
Smartsoft: 1500 6 [1] 30 minutes 6
Additional Attribute: Rx1000 Rx2 [R/2] 4 hours Rx2

Drone/Vehicle Pilot Suite: This allows the Knowbot to act as the Pilot program for a specific vehicle or drone. A Pilot could also have multiple pilot skills. Beyond being able to control the chassis, this also gives the Pilot a Reaction attribute

Pilot Suites over Rating 3 are Resitricted.

Skill Package: This allows a Knowbot to use a skill linked to the attributes that it has. It gains the skill at the rating purchased, though that can be increased later. The maximum skill rank a Knowbot can have is its own rating.

Valid skills are:

  • Knowledge Skill (any)
  • Chemistry (Restricted)
  • First Aid
  • Instruction
  • Language
  • Lockpicking (Restricted)
  • Mechanic (Any)
  • Medicine (Restricted)
  • Any skill in the Close Combat Skill Group (Must pick a weapon)
  • Navigation
  • Performance (Must pick a specialty, cannot roll outside the specialty without taking this option more than once)
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Any Skill in the Electronics Skill Group
  • Any Skill in the Cracking Skill Group (Restricted)
  • Ettiquette (Must pick a specialty, cannot roll outisde the specialty without taking this option more than once)

Innate Autosoft: This allows the Knowbot to gain an Autosoft. In order to gain the Autosoft, the Knowbot must contain a Pilot program for that chassis. For autosofts like Maneouvering, the Knowbot must have a specific version of the Autosoft for each chassis, if the Knowbot is a pilot for multiple chassis, it must have innate autosofts for each of them.

Additional Attribute: Knowbots can only use Skill Packages which are linked to their Attributes. By default, all have Logic and Intuition, and anything with a Pilot Suite has reaction. Adding Charisma is common for receptionist drones, and also just to liven up the home. Adding Willpower is rare, but does make an Agent capable of making some basic Matrix defenses (though it cannot substitute its own willpower when running a PAN). Some people have been known to add Agility to drones, especially Anthrodrones, though mostly to allow them to use blades. Knowbots cannot have a Strength score, using the chassis' Body if another option can't be found.

A Knowbot's initiative is equal to its Intuition+Reaction (if it has reaction) +4d6. They are always in Hot Sim.

When upgrading a Knowbot, once you've purchased the libraries (the set of instructions and software packages required to create the custom upgrade), you must then install them. To do so you must make an Extended software test, with a Threshold listed on the chart, and it takes time equal to the time listed on the chart for each test. For items labelled in days, the character is assumed to be working on nothing else for 8 hours, but still eating and sleeping normally.