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This next step in the character creation process is finalizing the list of qualities the character will have at the beginning of a Shadowrun campaign. Qualities help round out your character’s personality while also providing a range of benefits or penalties. There are two types of Qualities—Positive Qualities, which provide gameplay bonuses and require an expenditure of Karma; and Negative Qualities, which impose gameplay penalties but also give bonus Karma the player can spend in other areas.

As mentioned earlier, the character starts the character creation process with 25 Karma, and some of that can be spent to buy Qualities. Players can spend all of it, some of it, or none of it based on what they want their character to have and how much Karma they want to save for later. Additionally, at creation characters can only possess at most 25 Karma worth of Positive Qualities and 25 Karma worth of Negative Qualities. After character creation, Positive Qualities can be purchased during game play, while Negative Qualities may be awarded to the character by the gamemaster based on events that take place in game. Negative Qualities can be bought off using Karma during game play. See Character Advancement rules (p. 103) for more about purchasing Positive Qualities or buying off Negative ones.

When purchasing a Positive or Negative quality, note the quality on the character sheet along with any bonuses or negative modifiers to skills in parentheses next to the appropriate skills or attributes.

Ambidextrous 4 KARMA Core
Analytical Mind 5 KARMA Core
Aptitude 14 KARMA Core
Astral Chameleon 10 KARMA Core
Bilingual 5 KARMA Core
Blandness 8 KARMA Core
Catlike 7 KARMA Core
Codeslinger 10 KARMA Core
Double-jointed 6 KARMA Core
Exceptional Attribute 14 KARMA Core
First Impression 11 KARMA Core
Focused Concentration (MAX 6) 4 KARMA PER RATING Core
Gearhead 11 KARMA Core
Guts 10 KARMA Core
High Pain Tolerance (MAX RATING 3) 7 KARMA PER RATING Core
Home Ground 10 KARMA Core
Human-looking 6 KARMA Core
Indomitable (MAX 3) 8 KARMA PER RATING Core
Juryrigger 10 KARMA Core
Lucky 12 KARMA Core
Magic Resistance (MAX RATING 4) 6 KARMA PER RATING Core
Mentor Spirit 5 KARMA Core
Natural Athlete 7 KARMA Core
Natural Hardening 10 KARMA Core
Natural Immunity 4 OR 10 KARMA Core
Photographic Memory 6 KARMA Core
Quick Healer 3 KARMA Core
Resistance To Pathogens/Toxins 4 OR 8 KARMA Core
Spirit Affinity 7 KARMA Core
Toughness 9 KARMA Core
The Artisan’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Artist’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Athlete’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Beast’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Burnout’s Way 15 KARMA SR5:SG
The Invisible Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Spiritual Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Warrior’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Magician’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
The Speaker’s Way 20 KARMA SR5:SG
Spirit Champion 14 KARMA SR5:SG
Acrobatic Defender –4 KARMA SR5:R&G
Agile Defender 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
Brand Loyalty 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
One Trick Pony 7 KARMA SR5:R&G
Perceptive Defender 4 KARMA SR5:R&G
Sharpshooter 4 KARMA SR5:R&G
Too Pretty To Hit 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
Radiation Sponge 5 KARMA SR5:R&G
Rad-tolerant 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
Spacer 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
Adrenaline Surge 12 KARMA SR5:RF
Animal Empathy 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Black Market Pipeline 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Born Rich 5 KARMA SR5:RF
City Slicker 7 KARMA SR5:RF
College Education 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Common Sense 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Daredevil 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Digital Doppelganger 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Disgraced 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Erased 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Fame 4 TO 16 KARMA SR5:RF
Friends In High Places 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Hawk Eye 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Inspired 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Lightning Reflexes 20 KARMA SR5:RF
Linguist 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Made Man 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Night Vision 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Outdoorsman 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Overclocker 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Perceptive 5 TO 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Perfect Time 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Poor Link 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Privileged Family Name 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Restricted Gear 10 KARMA PER ITEM SR5:RF
School Of Hard Knocks 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Sense Of Direction 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Sensei 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Solid/legendary Rep 2 TO 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Speed Reading 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Privileged Family Name 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Restricted Gear 10 KARMA PER ITEM SR5:RF
School Of Hard Knocks 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Sense Of Direction 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Sensei 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Solid/legendary Rep 2 TO 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Speed Reading 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Trust Fund 5, 10, 15, OR 20 KARMA SR5:RF
Trustworthy 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Vehicle Empathy 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Water Sprite 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Witness My Hate 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Data Anomaly 3 KARMA SR5:DT
Fade To Black 7 KARMA SR5:DT
Go Big Or Go Home 6 KARMA SR5:DT
Golden Screwdriver 8 KARMA SR5:DT
Ninja Vanish 5 KARMA SR5:DT
Online Fame 4 KARMA SR5:DT
Otaku To Techomancer 10 KARMA SR5:DT
Pain Is Gain 5 KARMA SR5:DT
Prime Datahaven Membership 7 KARMA SR5:DT
Profiler 3 KARMA SR5:DT
Quick Config 5 KARMA SR5:DT
Chaser 4 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Dealer Connection 3 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Grease Monkey 8 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Speed Demon 3 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Stunt Driver 4 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Subtle (Vehicle) Pilot 4 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Better To Be Feared Than Loved 5 KARMA SR5:CF
Biocompatibility 5 KARMA SR5:CF
Cyber Singularity Seeker 12 KARMA SR5:CF
Drug Tolerant 6 KARMA SR5:CF
Prototype Transhuman 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Redliner 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Revels In Murder 8 KARMA SR5:CF
Uncanny Healer 12 KARMA SR5:CF
Barrens Rat 5 KARMA SR5:HT
Elemental Focus 10 KARMA SR5:HT
Poisoner 5 KARMA SR5:HT
Practice, Practice, Practice 2 KARMA SR5:HT
Addiction 4 TO 25 KARMA Core
Allergy 5 TO 25 KARMA Core
Astral Beacon 10 KARMA Core
Bad Luck 12 KARMA Core
Bad Rep 7 KARMA Core
Code Of Honor 15 KARMA Core
Codeblock 10 KARMA Core
Combat Paralyisis 12 KARMA Core
Dependents 3, 6, OR 9 KARMA Core
Distinctive Style 5 KARMA Core
Elf Poser 6 KARMA Core
Gremlins (MAX 4) 4 KARMA PER RATING Core
Incompetent 5 KARMA Core
Insomnia 10 OR 15 KARMA Core
Loss Of Confidence 10 KARMA Core
Low Pain Tolerance 9 KARMA Core
Ork Poser 6 KARMA Core
Prejudiced 3 TO 10 KARMA Core
Scorched 10 KARMA Core
Sensitive System 12 KARMA Core
Simsense Vertigo 5 KARMA Core
Sinner (layered) 5 TO 25 KARMA Core
Social Stress 8 KARMA Core
Spirit Bane 7 KARMA Core
Uncouth 14 KARMA Core
Uneducated 8 KARMA Core
Unsteady Hands 7 KARMA Core
Weak Immune System 10 KARMA Core
Spirit Pariah 14 KARMA SR5:SG
Combat Junkie 7 KARMA SR5:R&G
Blighted 5-15 KARMA SR5:R&G
Earther 3 KARMA SR5:R&G
Albinism 4 OR 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Amnesia 4 OR 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Asthma 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Bi-polar 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Big Regret 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Blind 5 OR 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Borrowed Time 20 KARMA SR5:RF
Computer Illiterate 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Creature Of Comfort 10, 17, OR 25 KARMA SR5:RF
Day Job 5 TO 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Deaf 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Did You Just Call Me Dumb? 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Driven 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Emotional Attachment 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Ex-con 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Flashbacks 7 OR 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Hobo With A Shotgun 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Hung Out To Dry 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Illiterate 5 KARMA SR5:RF
In Debt 1 TO 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Incomplete Deprogramming 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Infirm 5 TO 25 KARMA SR5:RF
Night Blindness 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Oblivious 6 OR 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Pacifist 10 OR 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Paranoia 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Paraplegic 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Phobia 5 TO 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Pie Iesu Domine. Dona Eis Requiem. 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Poor Self Control 4 TO 12 KARMA SR5:RF/SR5:CF
Reduced (sense) 2 TO 29 KARMA SR5:RF
Sensory Overload Syndrome 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Signature 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Vendetta 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Wanted 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Code Of Honor: Like A Boss 15 KARMA SR5:DT
Curiosity Killed The Cat 7 KARMA SR5:DT
Data Liberator 12 KARMA SR5:DT
Decaying Dissonance 25 KARMA SR5:DT
Electronic Witness 5 KARMA SR5:DT
Faraday Himself 7 KARMA SR5:DT
Latest And Greatest 5 KARMA SR5:DT
Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins 20 KARMA SR5:DT
Nerdrage 8 KARMA SR5:DT
Prank Warrior 15 KARMA SR5:DT
Wanted By God 12 KARMA SR5:DT
Accident Prone 4 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Motion Sickness 4 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Too Much Data 3 KARMA SR5:R5.0
Antipathy 8 KARMA SR5:CF
Aips 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Blank Slate 15 KARMA SR5:CF
Cyberpsychosis 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Cyber-snob 12 KARMA SR5:CF
Dead Emotion 5 KARMA SR5:CF
Dry Addict 2 TO 13 KARMA SR5:CF
Family Curse 5 KARMA SR5:CF
Implant-induced Immune Deficiency 5 KARMA SR5:CF
Lack Of Focus 6 KARMA SR5:CF
Lightweight 6 KARMA SR5:CF
One Of Them 7 KARMA SR5:CF
Quasimodo 5 KARMA SR5:CF
So Jacked Up 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Superhuman Psychosis 2 KARMA SR5:CF
Tle-x 15 KARMA SR5:CF
Tough And Targeted 10 KARMA SR5:CF
Code of Honor: Avenging Angel 8 KARMA SR5:HT
Faceless 0 KARMA SR5:HT
Impassive 0 KARMA SR5:HT

Metagenic Qualities

360-degree Eyesight 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Animal Pelage 3 TO 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Arcane Arrester 10 KARMA PER LEVEL (MAX 2) SR5:RF
Balance Receptor 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Beak 3 OR 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Bicardiac 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Biosonar 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Bone Spikes 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Broadened Auditory Spectrum 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Camouflage 4 OR 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Celerity 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Claws 3, 5, OR 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Climate Adaptation 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Corrosive Spit 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Dermal Alteration 3 TO 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Dermal Deposits 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Defensive Secretion 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Electroception 4 OR 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Elongated Limbs 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Fangs 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Frog Tongue 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Functional Tail 4 TO 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Gills 4 OR 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Glamour 12 KARMA SR5:RF
Goring Horns 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Greasy Skin 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Keen-eared 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Larger Tusks 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Low-light Vision 2 OR 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Magic Sense 7 KARMA SR5:RF
Magnetoception 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Marsupial Pouch 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Metagenic (attribute) Improvement 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Metahuman Traits 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Monkey Paws 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Nasty Vibe 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Natural Venom 3 TO 20 KARMA SR5:RF
Ogre Stomach 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Photometabolism 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Proboscis 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Satyr Legs 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Setae 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Thermal Sensitivity 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Thermographic Vision 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Thorns 2 KARMA SR5:RF
Underwater Vision 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Vomeronasal Organ 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Webbed Digits 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Adiposis 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Astral Hazing 5 OR 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Berserker 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Bioluminescence 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Cephalopod Skull 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Cold-blooded 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Critter Spook 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Cyclopean Eye 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Deformity 5 OR 15 KARMA SR5:RF
Feathers 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Impaired (attribute) 8 KARMA SR5:RF
Insectoid Features 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Mood Hair 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Neoteny 6 KARMA SR5:RF
Nocturnal 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Progeria 9 KARMA SR5:RF
Scales 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Scent Glands 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Slow Healer 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Striking Skin Pigmentation 4 KARMA SR5:RF
Stubby Arms 10 KARMA SR5:RF
Symbiosis 5 KARMA SR5:RF
Third Eye 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Unusual Hair 3 KARMA SR5:RF
Vestigial Tail 6 KARMA SR5:RF