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Light pistols are highly accurate and fairly concealable, occupying a comfortable middle ground between Hold-outs and Heavy Pistols. They’re extremely common on the streets. Use the Pistols skill when firing a light pistol. Light pistols can take top- and barrel-mounted accessories.

Range Table
DP Modifier Short
Pistols Range in Meters
Light Pistols 0–5 6–15 16–30 31–50
Weapon Acc DV AP Modes RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Ares Light Fire 70 7 8P SA 16 (c) 3R 200¥ Core
Ares Light Fire 75 6 (8) 6P SA 16 (c) 6F 1,250¥ Core
Beretta 201T 6 6P SA/BF – (1) 21 (c) 7R 210¥ Core
Cavalier Arms Adder Slivergun 5 8P(f) +5 SA 20 (c) 7F 320¥ SR5:HT
Colt Agent Special 5 8P SA 8 (c) 5R 250¥ SR5:GH3
Colt America L36 7 7P SA 11 (c) 4R 320¥ Core
Fichetti Executive Action 6 7P SA/BF 18 (c) 10R 300¥ SR5:R&G
Fichetti Security 600 6 (7) 7P SA – (1) 30 (c) 6R 350¥ Core
Nitama Sporter 6 (7) 6P SA 18 (c) 10R 300¥ SR5:R&G
Shiawase Armaments Puzzler 4 6P SA 12 (c) 14R 900¥ SR5:R&G
Taurus Omni-6, light pistol rounds 5 (6) 6P SA 6 (cy) 3R 300¥ Core
Taurus Omni-6, heavy pistol rounds 5 (6) 7P -1 SS 6 (cy) 3R 300¥ Core

Ares Light Fire 70

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
7 6P SA 16(c) 3R 200¥ Core
Special Barrel-Mounted Silencer
Costs 750¥
Additional -1 DP Modifier to usual -4 (Total -5)

The Ares Light Fire 70 is one of the most common pistols on the market. A special barrel-mounted silencer developed exclusively for the Light Fire 70 is available that gives you an additional –1 dice pool modifier to the usual –4 (for a total of –5); this silencer costs 750¥.

Ares Light Fire 75

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 (8) 6P SA 16(c) 6F 1,250¥ Core
Smartgun System
Special Silencer
Special Silencer
Comes Attached
Additional -1 DP Modifier to usual -4 (Total -5)

Designed based on one of the most common pistols on the market, the Light Fire is a weapon for special operators, not commonly available through legal channels. A special barrel-mounted silencer developed exclusively for the Light Fire comes attached, applying an additional –1 dice pool modifier to the modifier usually provided by silencers. In addition to its integral silencer, the Ares Light Fire 75 includes a smartgun system.

Beretta 201T

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 6P SA / BF (1) 21(c) 7R 210¥ Core
Simple Action
Semi-Auto Bursts
Detachable Shoulder Stock

This light sidearm is used by many security professionals. It is capable of burst fire. Since the 201T is classified as a light pistol without further limitations, it is quite popular with security agencies in countries where heavy pistols and machine pistols are hard to come by legally. Semi-automatic bursts using the Beretta 201T require a Simple Action. The weapon includes a detachable shoulder stock.

Cavalier Arms Adder Slivergun

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 8P(f) +5 SA 20(c) 7F 320¥ SR5:HT

Oddly enough, this gun was developed as a lightweight personal protection weapon for a mail-delivery corp. Management’s logic was that flechette ammo would be more effective against aggressive dogs and similar paracritters while being less intimidating to customers. It is reminiscent of a pared-down Ares Viper Slivergun. With the modifcation of an aftermarket silencer, this gun is exceptionally handy for sneaking into a location and striking while the target’s guard is down.

Colt Agent Special

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 8P SA 8(c) 5R 250¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories

The Agent Special has been one of Colt’s bestsellers since its introduction over a century ago, and continuing updates and upgrades keep it more than relevant. The weapon’s large caliber makes it popular with shooters who prefer hitting power over range. The short barrel also reduces the round’s penetrative power, but the ability to use the same ammunition as a heavy pistol means that some organizations are turning to this steady performer to simplify their logistics.

  • A few minor security companies have starting issuing these to their guards to replace the older Fichetti security models. The guards lose some ammo capacity, but whatever they hit, they hurt.
    • Snopes
  • Wolverine Security authorized them as a backup to their normal large-caliber pistols. I guess an accountant explained they could save money and make bigger holes in people at the same time. Win-win.
    • /dev/grrl
  • The reduction in warehousing and purchasing costs can be significant for some organizations, but I doubt a company as large as Wolverine will see significant enough savings to worry about phasing out a small pistol and its ammunition.
    • Mr. Bonds
  • Fun fact: The pistol is named the “agent,” but no intelligence organizations have officially added them to their inventories.
    • DangerSensei

Colt America L36

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
7 7P SA 11(c) 4R 320¥ Core

A venerable pistol with a great reputation. This basic firearm is cheap, easily concealed, and nearly ubiquitous. A perfect throwaway weapon.

Fichetti Executive Action

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 7P SA/BF 18(c) 10R 300¥ SR5:R&G

“Manage your danger with Executive Action!” is the latest in a long series of taglines for this pistol, which incorporates a burst-fire option as standard. With no other truly compelling features, marketing is what this firearm mostly has going for it, but that appears to be all it needs to keep selling well.

Fichetti Security 600

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 (7) 7P SA (1) 30(c) 6R 350¥ Core
Laser Sight
Detachable Folding Stock

A light sidearm for security forces, this weapon’s highly efficient feeding mechanism allows it a thirty-round magazine. The Fichetti Security 600 comes with a detachable folding stock and laser sight.

Nitama Sporter

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6(7) 6P SA 18(c) 10R 300¥ SR5:R&G
Standard upgrades
Laser sight
The Nitama Sporter uses Heavy Pistol ranges.

Made from twenty different MAD-defeating components that appear to be everyday items (such as jewelry and commlink add-ons), this pistol is a choice weapon to sneak into areas illegally. It is difficult but not impossible to figure out that the disparate items are actually part of a firearm. It helps, of course, if you’ve seen one before.

  • You know what makes it easier to identify? The fact that the jewelry some of the pieces turn into are clunky and tough to match with anything in my wardrobe.
    • /dev/grrl

Shiawase Armaments Puzzler

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 6P SA 12(c) 14R 900¥ SR5:R&G
Recognize Weapon
Recognizing the components of a Puzzler as belonging to a firearm when it is disassembled requires an Armorer + Logic (Mental) (3) or Perception + Intuition (Mental) (4) test.
Assembling or disassembling the Puzzler from its concealable parts or pistol mode requires an Armorer + Logic (Mental) (6, 1 minute) Extended Test.
A glitch on the test means you have to start over
A critical glitch breaks one of the pieces, which will need to be repaired before the weapon can be used.

“A perfect pistol for the inexperienced, small-framed metahuman” is often how gun shop clerks describe this lightweight, sleek, and long-barreled pistol. With a built-in laser sight, low felt-recoil, and a small internal magazine, it is a popular home-defense weapon.

  • Popular for home defense of SINners with no criminal background, that is. Most folks in the shadows prefer something a bit more impressive. Also, “small-framed metahumans” is ad-speak for “women,” which explains why the posters for this gun typically have a size-zero human or elven woman in it. At least they keep their clothing on, usually.
    • Pistons

Taurus Omni-6

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(6) 6P/7P 0/–1 SA/SS 6(cy) 3R 300¥ Core
Laser Sight
Interchangeable Cylinders
Light Pistol Ammo (Mode SA, DV 6P, AP 0)
Heavy Pistol Amomo (Mode SS, DV 7P, AP -1)

This reliable, rugged revolver is specially designed to handle a wide variety of ammunition. Popular with hobbyists and hand-loaders, the Omni-6 comes with some interchangeable cylinders so it can take either cased or caseless, light pistol or heavy pistol ammo. When firing light pistol rounds, the Omni-6 is semi-automatic (SA) and has a base DV of 6P, and when it fires heavy pistol ammo it has only single shot mode (SS), and a base DV of 7P and –1 AP. The Omni-6 includes an integral laser sight.

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