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Weapon Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Knucks Physical (STR+1)P 2R 100¥ Core
Plasteel Toe Boots Physical (STR+1)P 2 200¥ Core
Shock Gloves Physical 8S(e) -5 6R 550¥ Core


Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical (STR+1)P 2R 100¥ Core
Unarmed Combat Skill

These may be traditional fist-load weapons like brass knuckles, or modern Hardliner Gloves with a thin layer of densiplast located the knuckles and the edge of the hand. Either way they substantially boost the impact of a punch, making it potentially deadly.

Plasteel Toe Boots

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical (STR+1)P 2 200¥ Core
Unarmed Combat Skill

Common safety wear for most dangerous jobs, these also do for your feet what knucks do for your hands (meaning kick attacks deal physical damage). These boots are used by corp security and gangers alike. While highly protective, they are too big and clunky to be helpful while being stealthy. Auditory Perception Tests against you receive a +1 dice bonus.

Shock Gloves

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical 8S(e) -5 6R 550¥ Core
Unarmed Combat Skill
The shock gloves recharge by induction, regaining one charge per full hour of wireless-enabled time.

These electrically insulated gloves have a wire mesh that discharges electric current with a punch or a simple touch. The gloves deal Electricity damage and are good for ten charges before they need to be plugged in and recharged (at a rate of one charge per ten seconds).

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