From Jackpoint
Codeslinger: Matrix Perception +2 on Matrix Perception
Exceptional Attribute: Logic +1 Max Logic
One With The Matrix (master) Living Persona can be a PAN master.
Resonant Discordance Can cold sim, still get +2 on Matrix Actions when Cold Sim; When Hot-Sim get +2 on Compiling, Decompiling, Threading
Trust Data Not Lore Use Logic instead of Intuition for many Matrix actions
Instinctive Hack 1 free action at the start of combat before everyone else
Metagenic Logic Improvement +1 Max Logic
Metagenic Willpower Improvement +1 Max Willpower
Distinctive Style +2 DP Modifier to be identified; -1 Threshold Modifier to be remembered
Driven Willpower + Logic (4) to not follow a lead on Iris; +1 Willpower when following a lead
Gremlins (Rating 2) When interacting with tech, 2 fewer 1s required to glitch
Insomnia (Basic) Intuition + Willpower (4) test required to gain benefits of sleeping
Sprite Combustion 1 fewer task when Compiling, -1 dice pool to Registering
Bioluminescence Glow in the dark
Critter Spook -2 to interact with critters, in a fight they attack me first
Mood Hair Hair changes colour with mood, +2 Judge Intentions vs me
Neoteny Look like a child; social mods, +10% lifestyle, freak
Striking Skin Pigmentation skin colour synched to glow and hair; +2 to matrix search, identify, or locate me
Vestigial Tail "Nightcrawler-like" tail, not usefully controllable; -1 to physical tests involving balance or movment
Decaying Dissonance Under stress: gibberish, simple Composure(2) to fix; -1 social tests; memory glitches are critical; in a Host: Composure(3) or start randomly editing

Freak count: 2 — -2 to social tests