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So, I would like to create a Virtual Tribe per the rules on Kill Code p108

Narratively, Jynx wants to find localish technos in trouble with no place to go, and create a safe space for the group. She'll probably be the central figure, and intends to use her clinic as the main hang out/haven. I already have backstories for 4 NPCs to be part of this in mind.

Here's the sticking point: I don't feel like I can just declare these NPCs to exist, especially as the tribe can sort of function as a Contact (rules are fuzzy here, though I suppose one could treat them as a Faction instead). I'd rather spend the resources to get them as Contacts, or if possible the tribe as a whole as a Contact (up to group's discretion). The closest fit for rules for creating new contacts is the "Contact" offer in Negotiated deals on Cutting Aces p161 (the faction rep reward is basically unobtainable). The quirk to using this rule being I'm supposed to roll Negotiation against someone I already know and my goal here is to find interested parties. So I need to know:

  • Do I need to do something/roll something to find the interested parties
  • Am I rolling Negotiation against someone? If so who?
  • Gain Contacts individually or single Contact for the group?

One possible answer to the above is first roll some social test (Street Cred or Charisma) to find individuals - net hits is number I can find. Then exchange according to the Negotiated deal section, with or without a roll affecting the skew (would be happy to do directly offer services for gaining as contact). Could deal with the group as a whole or each individually.

Whatever the mechanism for gaining them, I'd want the resulting Contact(s) to be Connection 1. Loyalty 1 is specified in the Negotiated deal and I'm happy to have to use Chips to buy that up over time. I'm also okay to have a minimum Loyalty before I can make the tribe.

My intent for services to offer to gain the contact/gain chips are:

  • Provide medical services (e.g. the Biotech skills, Psychology)
  • Basic tech repairs
  • Provide a safe place to
    • Hide
    • Be looked after while on a Resonance Quest
    • Meet and hang out with similar people
    • Just take a break from the drek of the world

That's narratively what I want to do, and this lines up with the favours for tribe section on Kill Code p113.

The tribe's paragon would be 10, and our activities would center around trying to understand and bring about the Will of the Resonance, and also help and protect technomancers and the broader community.

I can post the bios for the NPCs I've been thinking about if people are interested.

I'd appreciate any comments and thoughts on the above.

Jynx(Talk) 13:08, 9 December 2020 (EST)

Here are my first thoughts on this: this seems cool.

I think it should be a faction, and you need to get people to a minimum to a loyalty 2 or 3 to get them to join officially. (Loyalty 1 is "relationship is purely mercenary" and doesn't seem like enough, but requiring 4 ("Buddy") or 5 ("Got your Back") seems onerous)

I think you should be able to find people by basically being your own fixer. A fixer's networking check is Etiquette + Charisma [Social] vs target NPC connection rating (SR5, p.388), which doesn't seem entirely appropriate since you don't know these people in the first place but is a good starting point. I think there are two parts to this, finding the potential contact, and convincing them to be a contact at loyalty 1. The latter I think should be an opposed Etiquette + Charisma + Street Cred [Social] test (taking penalty dice for Public Awareness and/or Noteriety as appropreate) vs target Judge Intentions + Street Cred roll (you're not trying to manipulate them in particular), but I think the former should be some sort of extended test that takes time and reflects how hard it might be to get a foot in the door, probably scaling with desired connection rating. I want this to take time because it's competing with "getting existing contacts to give an introduction" which doesn't take time, which still makes that a valuable option. ((It might be worth a seperate discussion on finding contacts ex nilho in general: my current thought is Etiquette (maybe allow Con) + Charisma + Street Cred [Social] (incl. penalty for PA/Noteriety as needed) (2n², 1 week) extended test, where n is the desired connection rating. This test can be aided by knowledge skills which are relevant (e.g. hits on Awakened Hangouts would help if you are looking for a contact in the Awakened community)))

Don't forget you're trying to convince people to start a tribe, so they need to spend 5 karma and that's kind of expensive for people. — Revàn(Talk) 14:23, 9 December 2020 (EST)

So - I think the best way to handle this is: Negotiate with Rufio for introductions to contacts. That means getting connection based on your negotiation, and then do favours for them (for chips). Equipment loans and Safehouse Access seem like the main thing you're offering. Building chips over time makes sense. Maybe we could end up with a run or two on this, favours for technos. Also a great opportunity for a foundation/deep run (and options for people playing secondary characters if they think their PCs wouldn't deep run). But with a place with solid matrix defenses and automated guns as a place to Techno is a valuable start. Also - one of the nice things about the negotiation table if that you can easily map skill usage onto favours. So spending time teaching (good excuse to use Instruction) for example, can build those chips. And once the chips are owned, then up the technos. Yeah, I agree that 3 is good for a number of Loyalty to join a tribe, it's a big deal.

-- MaltaTalk 23:37, 10 December 2020 (EST)

I like the idea of using Rufio's roll to find them and then negotiating with him for an intro, and of needing a minimum Loyalty of 3 before forming the tribe.

Also, I've put up the bios of the NPCs I'd like to introduce:


Cold Fingers


Comet Rider

(No, YOU spent too much time on this)

Personally I'd like to do a scene/mini-session with Rufio and the technos.

Thanks for the feedback. — Jynx(Talk) 12:56, 12 December 2020 (EST)