Plane Peril

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Yet another Mr. Johnson hired us to abduct a woman, currently presumed to be Dalit Perlman, who is a master programmer and data management specialist. Johnson would prefer them alive, in order to do work.

We broke into Nimblewater, a pharma company currently employing Perlman. She seems to be doing work stealing data from other more successful corps. Her team is mostly in Seattle, Geir Vinicio and Geffrey Isa are the local Seattle memebrs, Dalit is out of LA. We have a flight in the morning.

Information gathered from a matrix search on Dalit Perlman

  • Very limited history prior to about a year ago, as if appearing out of nowhere.
  • Has some sort of unique talents at encryption and decryption - most mid-level corporate encryption is useless against her while she can protect data against all but the best.
  • Is likely responsible for Nimblewater's recent coups
  • Considered a very valuable asset, and there have been internal Nimblewater squabbles over her
  • Highly protected but has apparently made many high level policy decisions
  • Is apparently very socially reclusive - no social media accounts and refuses almost all extracurricular social interractions; single.

From your image searching you also find that someone with her appearance has been linked to the Shadow Community; none of her coworkers turn up in those accounts.

Hey, I know that face; that's Voidbit from the Dawnchasers. — Revàn(Talk) 20:33, 20 February 2021 (EST)

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