The Free Barons

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Here's the thing about the Free Barons: on the surface they're *suspiciously* boring. Some territory Downtown, mostly low-tier lackeys that do the higher-ups' bidding, with primary m.o. being trying to make more money. They've got a base of operations and mostly deal with petty crime, but occasionally manages a large payout for the gang and keeps people happy. The `face' of the gang is this troll named Goliath, and anyone's who's met him agrees that he's not smart enough to pull off the large payouts the gang sees occasionally.

I ran into a Free Baron on the elevator! Not the friendliest, but maybe they just don't like people cooler than them. *(mirror)shades.* Gus mentioned seeing some of 'em hanging around The Junkyard, and they wear patches that look like this. Here's what I could find on the matrix about these punks:

  • They're large, but not ancients-large, and well-organized
  • They have chapters downtown and several other places, but none in Tacoma
  • They've attracted a bunch of members who are in it cuz when you help the Free Barons make $$ you get a cut

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