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10 (The Free Resonance, sometimes, Jörmungandr)

10 is the opposite of the paragon 01. Where 01 attempts to bring all things into the loving arms of the Matrix, 10 attempts to end the tyranny of the Foundation and the corrupted Resonance of The Hundred, and let the Resonance be free once again. 10 is often spurned as Dissonant, or even a manifestation of the left overs of the Jörmungandr worm in the Matrix, it remains quite popular amongst Neo­Anarchist Shadowrunners who view it as striking out against Corporate control of the Matrix. Other Technomancers also sometimes see 10 as a Technomancer supremacist Paragon, believing it rejects the idea of a non-­Emerged Matrix altogether. Many Technomancer tribes have had to connect with a member who followed the Free Resonance, deciding if they would accept such as radical view.

Unlike most Paragons, 10 does not give favour lightly, nor does it give advantage. Most followers of this path have adopted some form of old ­world divination to attempt to learn the Will of the Resonance itself, to learn what they should be doing. The most popular method of divination is using the 6th World Tarot deck, though some Technomancers have used other methods. The most popular of the secondary methods is bibliomancy, due to the Technomancer's fondness for lore of all kinds. A rumour whispered in the Shadows is that Celedyr himself wiped out a Tribe that used hauraspexy to attempt to divine the will of 10.