Corvid Cover

From Jackpoint

I was tasked by the Gate of Ishtar to look into a background count at some address in Snohomish. People seemed to be busy, but apparently Malta only needed to watch some kids until about 0200 hours, so we checked it out in the cover of the night. Apparently the plot of land was owned by some pharmaceutical (or something along those lines) company called ($IDONTREMEMBER). When we got there, there was about a rating 3 or 4 trickster aligned field, disturbed amounts of dirt, and an abandoned underground facility with rainbow colour coding. Malta managed to get very high on a whole bunch of drugs that was leaking out of the old containers, and we found a corvid shifter there. We were just going to leave it at that, but then some Halloweeners showed up and tried to establish a drug op there, and made short work of a guy who was real good at gymnastics. Either way, I reported back to my superiors in the org that it was an old lab, things were leaking, and is now a Halloweeners drug den so that they don't go looking for that corvid shifter. — Revàn(Talk) 19:20, 27 August 2017 (EST)

I asked Mànàka'has what was up with all these crows and rainbows that we seem to keep running into. He's as enigmatic as ever, of course. — Revàn(Talk) 19:20, 27 August 2017 (EST)

PS: Malta being on multiple drugs at the same time spells bad business. I think it be best if that doesn't happen too often in the future. — Revàn(Talk) 19:20, 27 August 2017 (EST)

Roll Call

Run Rewards

  • 9450 nuyen
  • 8 karma

Optional Alternate Run Rewards (Malta)

Optional Alternate Run Rewards (Revàn)

  • New contact foxfire, crow shapeshifter magician with connection 1 and loyalty 3, or equivalent from Cutting Aces
  • 2 faction reputation with the Gate of Ishtar (1 for "negotiation where bargain is kept", 1 for "con, undetected")
  • 9040 nuyen

Kinda unsure how well I balanced the rewards, would not mind feedback.