Jynx Hijinks

From Jackpoint

Nobody's heard from Jynx in about five hours, which obviously is a crisis of unimaginable proportions. We checked in with the Belle Bruisers but the person we inquired at the The Pink Fox have not heard of anything. There were also the RufNuklz who are a gang of Trolls and Orks whose specialty are punching things.

Malta distracted the Belles and Bruce punched out a bunch of RufNuklz in a pit. However, we realized that this was the wrong tactic to use, and decided to simply find Jynx's last message's place of origin and simply tracked her.

At this point we found a bunker, and then killed everyone inside and rescued Jynx. Malta, by looking through messages, found out Jynx was a technomancer - and they decided to set a trap for those trying to buy Jynx.

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