Pedagogical Pilfering

From Jackpoint

Dr. Richards - Head of Research and Clinical at Horizon Westvale Academy's Counseling Center - has a vice for Escorts, kinda politely racist

Abel Talfryn - Disappeared, replaced by Dr. Richards, cares deeply about the project, started it, started bad mouthing Horizon

Kasper Kyriake - passed over for Dr. Richards, now works for her, got on with Abel, been bitter

Georgina Dietfried - Woman about town, works for Richards, been doing therapy for a while, older than Horizon, puts things over career

Humphrey Denzel - World's most boring average man

Fevziye Arthur- Receptionist at the Counselling Center

Forgery 6 hits, work order and teaching degree for Westvale Academy, Disguise 6 hits as a teacher on Pheo

Flyspy feed

Richards was in her office, Humphrey was in the Faraday cage room. They were working in VR at their chairs. Georgina walked in at about 5, took a chip from her picket and plugged it into the chair, removed and disposed of the chip before plugging her selfin. She works until about 5:45 and starts to pack and leave, while Humphrey leaves at exactly 6.

At midnight, the door opens up a crack for 15 to 30 seconds. Signs of electronics active, lights strobing when door open, shuts down shortly after the door is closed.

There is no Matrix in the room, except for the brief time the door is open. At that time the room is filled with Matrix space as normal, an Icon of a filing cabinet appears above the central holoprojector, and a wireless connection is made from that Icon to somewhere far off in the Matrix. Notably, not to the Westvale Host. The connection ends and then the Icon disappears as the door closes and the room is again cut off from the Matrix.

Highest opposed pool: 18


¥705 - Stealth Rope (100ft), Catalyst Stick, Grapple Gun


Highest opposed pool18
(Pool / 4)4
Speed or Subtlety +1
Risked exposure +1
(Pool / 6)3
Objectives: some+1



Good feelings






8 hits:¥51840


Absolute Nuyen Adjustment


Session Karma ¥51664
Karma per session: 2# of sessions: 3