Salish-Sidhe Tribal

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This covers Salish-Sidhe people, approximately organized by tribe.

Cascade Crow

One of the five largest tribes in the Salish-Shidhe, the Cascade Crow tribe control the land north of Seattle, including Vancouver and the lands surrounding Birmingham. They are staunchly anti-Anglo and loudly argue that Seattle should be considered their land.

> Technically, the economic crown jewel of the Cascade Crows land, Vancouver, is jointly operated by the Cascade Crows and a tribe called the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, but the economic power behind the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh are the Salish tribe down south. The Cascade Crows and the Salish despise each other, and this makes for a chaotic environment perfect for slipping though cracks -- Lyrian

Cascade Ork

When people say "Cascade Ork tribe" they usually are thinking of a collection of predominately troll and ork tribes inhabiting the eastern part of the Salish-Shidhe, the largest of which happen to be called the Cascade Orks. It's an open secret that these tribes profit mostly though the smuggling that goes through thier lands, and this infuriates most of the other tribes to no end.


Predominatly elven tribe led by Gillian Morningsong. These are the elves who stayed behind when their Cénesté brethren split and formed Tír Tairngire. Very eco-conscious, with many harsh penalties levied against polluting technology.