Storehouse Slugfest

From Jackpoint

Dossier. Pickup Sheet. Competent Carol.

Objective Checklist and Payout


☑ Retrieved Box
☑ Passed Box to Silver Puma

Base Pay: 15k, 6 karma
Doubled: 30k, 12 karma


☑ Successfully hid trace of target in hit
☐ ... discretely
☑ ... or with great collateral damage
☑ Retrieved extra material for Silver Puma
☐ Found out what he wanted and got that

Bonus: Either add Mr. Skah as a 5/1 contact or add Silver Puma as a 4/1 contact, or equivalent nuyen value of 4/1. (I thought I had written down what that was, but I didn't and can't find the section which talks about contacts as mission rewards).


☐ Box contents
☐ Blackmail
☐ Other

Bonus: None

Negotiation bonus: +10% of written pay
Total: Contact or nuyen value, 33k, 12 karma