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A decker for the Dawnchasers with an uncanny ability to decrypt virtually anything and her encryptions are virtually impenetrable. Went undercover as Dalit Perlman for a year before Plane Peril.

Stats are the sample decker on Core p121
OOC Contact Info
  • Name: Voidbit
  • Role: Decker
  • Connection: 4
  • Loyalty: 3
  • Runner Connection: Malta

Also connected to Revàn and Silk

Runner Loyalty Loyalty Chips Connection Chips
Malta 3
Revàn 3
Silk 3

Consider Voidbit as a surogate contact for the chasers as a whole, with the generalist archetype (KAGN=2222). Aspects are: Hooders, Voidbit, Sound of Silence, Ace of Speeds, Quicksilver