Chasing Comets

From Jackpoint

Comet Rider was being moved tonight! He and Jynx decided to pull a rescue. They bricked the getaway helicopter and began to try to smash their way through the matrix defenses. And then, HTR decided to come up in a Stormwagon, so they called Malta and Revàn.

Malta, using a Plant Spirit, booked it over to Redmond General at hundreds of KpH¸ and set an ambush. Revàn tried a more traditional route using a motorcycle and an air spirit. The Stormwagon took the first bullet without a scratch, the ice sheet without skidding, and the Accident power without a single fumble. So, a new tact was tried.

Malta managed to stay hidden in ambush, Revàn managed to keep on his bike and moving, and the air spirit got hosed down with bullets, but those are mostly a suggestion to an air spirit.

Malta bricked the van with a bullet, the crash knocked out the passengers, and then a holographic Drake explained to the first team on the roof that not bringing the package downstairs would be a bad idea.

Alls well that ends well.

Highest opposed pool28
(Pool / 4)7
Outnumbered by Pros+1
Speed or Subtlety +1
(Pool / 6)4
Objectives: all +2



Good feelings






Session Karma ¥43200
Karma per session: 2# of sessions: 1