Comet Rider

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Comet Rider is a nova hot hacker, fairly well known in the local scene. A Mitsuhmama raid left his body in a coma and his mind permanently jacked in. His body is still alive (and a point of vulnerability). He can't reboot in the normal sense - he's instead found a way to retreat into the Resonance at will. Very deeply in tune with the Resonance, he wants to expand its reach as far as possible, following his interpretation of 10.

Part of the Redmond Responders.

OOC Contact Info
Male orc technomancer
  • Name: Comet Rider
  • Role: Hacker
  • Connection: 1
  • Loyalty: 3
  • Runner Connection: Jynx
  • Stream: Technoshaman
  • Persona icon: basically the Silver Surfer. His sprite pet takes the form of a small comet that follows him.