Cold Fingers

From Jackpoint

Not much is known about Cold Fingers. She's only known as an emotionless technomancer with lethal and efficient cybercombat abilities. She never meets in person and changes her persona's icon on each matrix meeting. She also periodically cycles her commcode - if you want to reach her, your best bet is to ask around to know which Host she's currently picking messages up from.

OOC Contact Info
Human trans woman technomancer
  • Name: Cold Fingers
  • Role: ?
  • Connection: 1
  • Loyalty: 1
  • Runner Connection: Jynx
  • Stream: ?
  • Persona icon: Varies


Cold Fingers has a touch of dissonance on her after a bad altercation with an entity in the Deep Realms. She's actively fighting to keep it in check and has managed to keep it hidden so far. She's looking for a cure. No one in universe knows this, except possibly the entity that scarred her.