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evERything Is FrAgGEd Up thEre is no LIgHT THERE Is no Jynx ONly statIC

Hi my handle's Jynx (Luna Fairlight to my (very close) friends)! I'm your friendly neighbourhood hacker and I live in my clinic. I'm always on the matrix if you want to find me I usually use a person surrounded by rainbow fireworks as my icon and I play lots of matrix games all the time but I can still talk to you while I'm doing that I can definitely recommend DragonDrop and Run!Escape!. I don't really sleep much, so I'm almost always available but sometimes I'll be on and not available because I'm busy. I like helping people I learned a bit about street medicine from Steve McGee but I've gotta start making my own way and so I've been running with the crew for a while now and... it's been a trip. With the kidnapping and dangerous situations we've ended up in I've learned the need for a bit of violence and coldheartedness but I still wish I didn't have to.

Oh! If you need to find me in meatspace for some reason I like rainbows on black - my hair and my outfit are all black with multicolour highlights but they're not always the same highlights that would be boring. Selene has also told me that the easiest way to find me is to "listen for the yammering" but I think she was mostly just teasing me.

I've had people ask me about pronouns and gender and stuff and I guess you could say I'm agender? Meatspace just isn't as real if you scan me and in the Matrix I'm whoever I want to be so I don't know gender just doesn't really feel like a thing for me. But aesthetically I think my tastes are more in line with feminine ones than masculine? You can use neutral and female pronouns for me I'll answer to both and I guess if you use other pronouns I'll respond but I'll think it's a bit weird but I probably won't be offended or anything unless you're being a drekhead about it.

You've probably heard I'm a technomancer. I live my life in the company of sprites within the comfort of the Matrix. I feel the pull of the Resonance so strongly it's hard to keep it in check I think it's why tech sometimes misbehaves around me. I recently had a transformative trip to the Realms (they're all transformative being there is like nothing else I've ever experienced) and I'm trying to follow the Will of the Resonance. Saw some records recommending Tarot cards so I'm trying that.

Birthday: December 26, 2061

Mother is Iris Fairlight. Jynx has introduced her to the party, though due to the ongoing events of Null Persp, doesn't currently talk about her openly or meet her often.

Now uses the handle stAtIc (capitalization is not consistent).

Apparently she does not dislike beer.

Run status


  • +4 Sleaze/Firewall
  • +7 DP

Character Sheet

Body Agility Reaction Strength
3 3 2 1
Charisma Intuition Logic Willpower
(Attack) (Sleaze) (Data Processing) (Firewall)
5 6 8(10) 6
Essence Resonance Submersion Edge
6 7 4 4/6

Mental Limit 11 (Logic*2 + Intution + Willpower)/3 (round up)
Physical Limit 3 (Strength*2 + Body + Reaction)/3 (round up)
Social Limit 8 (Charisma*2 + Willpower + Essence)/3 (round up)
AR Init 8 + 1d6 Reaction + Intuition + 1d6
Cold Sim Init 16 + 3d6 Data Processing + Intuition + 3d6
Hot Sim Init 16 + 4d6 Data Processing + Intuition + 4d6
Composure 11 Charisma + Willpower
Judge Intentions 11 Charisma + Intuition
Memory 16 Logic + Willpower
Lifting/Carrying 4 Body + Strength
Dodge 8 Reaction + Intuition
Condition Monitors
R R R -1
R R -2
Suit Rating
Swat Armour + Helmet 17
Sleeping Tiger 13
Chamelion Suit + Helmet 11
Infused matrix attributes
Attack Sleaze Data Processing Firewall
5 6 10 7
5 6 10 7
X First Aid / Heal / Rest
F Heal / Rest
R Rest
Street Cred 10
Public Awareness 2
Notoriety 5


Logic: 10
Skill Rating Pool
  • Aeronautics Mechanic
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Nautical Mechanic
1 11
  • Biotechnology
  • Cybertechnology
  • First Aid
  • Medicine
4 14
  • Cybercombat
1 11
  • Electronic Warfare
5 15
  • Hacking
6 16
  • Computer
6 16
  • Hardware
4 14
  • Software (Hyperthreading)
6 16 (15 (uses Resonance))
Armourer 1 11
Chemistry 1 11
Demolitions 1 11
Forgery 1 11
Gunnery - remote 1 11
Body: 3 Skill Rating Pool
Diving 0 2
Freefall 1 4
Agility: 3 Skill Rating Pool
Gunnery - touching 1 4
Palming 2 5
Sneaking 3 6
Unarmed Combat 1 4
Reaction: 2 Skill Rating Pool
Pilot Groundcraft 1 3
Strength: 1 Skill Rating Pool
Run 1 2
Charisma: 5 Skill Rating Pool
  • Etiquette
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
1 6
Con 1 6
Impersonation 1 6
Intuition: 6 Skill Rating Pool
Disguise 2 8
Perception 3 9
Willpower: 6 Skill Rating Pool
Survival 0 5
Resonance: 7 Skill Rating Pool
Compiling (Machine Sprites) 6 13 (15)
Decompiling 1 8
Registering 6 [-1] 12
Skill Attribute Rating Pool
Academic Logic: 10 4 14
Interests Intuition: 6 4 10
Matrix Games
Professional Logic: 10 4 14
Matrix Security
Police Procedures
Street Intuition: 6 1 7
Area Knowledge: Seattle
Data Havens
Shadow Community
Sprawl Life
Languages (Intuition: 6)
English N N
German 4 10
Japanese 4 10


Codeslinger: Matrix Perception +2 on Matrix Perception
Exceptional Attribute: Logic +1 Max Logic
One With The Matrix (master) Living Persona can be a PAN master.
Resonant Discordance Can cold sim, still get +2 on Matrix Actions when Cold Sim; When Hot-Sim get +2 on Compiling, Decompiling, Threading
Trust Data Not Lore Use Logic instead of Intuition for many Matrix actions
Instinctive Hack 1 free action at the start of combat before everyone else
Metagenic Logic Improvement +1 Max Logic
Metagenic Willpower Improvement +1 Max Willpower
Distinctive Style +2 DP Modifier to be identified; -1 Threshold Modifier to be remembered
Driven Willpower + Logic (4) to not follow a lead on Iris; +1 Willpower when following a lead
Gremlins (Rating 2) When interacting with tech, 2 fewer 1s required to glitch
Insomnia (Basic) Intuition + Willpower (4) test required to gain benefits of sleeping
Sprite Combustion 1 fewer task when Compiling, -1 dice pool to Registering
Bioluminescence Glow in the dark
Critter Spook -2 to interact with critters, in a fight they attack me first
Mood Hair Hair changes colour with mood, +2 Judge Intentions vs me
Neoteny Look like a child; social mods, +10% lifestyle, freak
Striking Skin Pigmentation skin colour synched to glow and hair; +2 to matrix search, identify, or locate me
Vestigial Tail "Nightcrawler-like" tail, not usefully controllable; -1 to physical tests involving balance or movment
Decaying Dissonance Under stress: gibberish, simple Composure(2) to fix; -1 social tests; memory glitches are critical; in a Host: Composure(3) or start randomly editing

Freak count: 2 — -2 to social tests


Resonance 7
Submersion 6
Stream Sourceror
Paragon 10
Name Effect
Skinlink Direct connection to devices when touching them.
Fight-or-Flight Filter All benefits of a Pain Editor.
Resonance Link Make an empathic link with another technomancer (Iris)
Neural Synergy x2 Augment Logic by 1 (2 total).
MMRI x1 Effect of a Control Rig (rating 1).
Complex Forms
Name Target Duration Fade Value Resist/Threshold Effect
Cleaner Persona P L-2 Reduce target's OS by hits
Derezz Persona I L-1 Willpower + Firewall Net hits in matrix damage, -1 to Firewall on target until reboot.
Diffusion of Firewall Device S L-2 Willpower + Firewall Lower Firewall by net hits
FAQ Device P L-3 Based on info's obscurity Get information from a device.
Hyperthreading * * * Each subform Combine Forms.
Infusion of Data Processing Device S L-2 Min Level of current rating Raise Data Processing by hits, up to double rating
Infusion of Firewall Device S L-2 Min Level of current rating Raise Firewall by hits, up to double rating
Infusion of Sleaze Device S L-2 Min Level of current rating Raise Sleaze by hits, up to double rating
Primed Charge Self I L Get hits as a dice pool bonus to next Matrix action.
Pulse Storm Persona I L-3 Logic + Data Processing Add net hits as noise to target.
Resonance Bind Persona S L-2 Intuition + Data Processing Reduce init by net hits x2, every round while sustained.
Resonance Channel Device S L-4 Reduce noise due to distance by hits.
Resonance Spike Device I L-3 Willpower + Firewall Deal net hits unresisted damage.
Resonance Veil Device S L-4 Intuition + Data Processing Make a target believe something has happened in the Matrix.
Registered Sprites
Nickname Level Type Tasks Optional Powers Notes
4 Machine 10 Enhance, Active Analytics
Spark 7 Machine 4 Enhance, Borrowed IP, Navi
4 Companion 1 Enhance, Active Analytics

Currently on Newsroom duty.

4 Companion 1 Enhance, Borrowed IP
2 Companion 2 Enhance, Borrowed IP
2 Companion 2 Enhance, Borrowed IP
2 Companion 2 Enhance, Borrowed IP
2 Companion 2 Enhance, Borrowed IP
7 Machine 4 Enhance, Borrowed IP, Active Analytics
4 Machine 6 Enhance, Active Analytics

Tribe: Redmond Responders — Members:

Paragon: 10 — Today's (May 14th) Reading:

Advantage Threshold Always know your Overwatch Score.
Disadvantage Discipline You must succeed in a Charisma + Willpower (3) Test to deviate from a plan.
Disfavour The Comet Convince someone else to keep going.
Regaining Favour The Ride Win a victory on a goal defined before the card was drawn.


Weapons Electronics Toolkits Drugs Misc
  • Renraku Sensei
  • Metalink:
    • Form factor: watch
    • Throwback
  • Trodes
  • Data Tap x4
  • Area Jammer 6
  • White Noise Generator
  • Briefcase shield/deck/MOS
    • Ares Briefcase Shield (Cutting Aces p.137 — +4 armour)
    • Rating 4 MOS (Kill Code, p.57)
  • Automotive Mechanic:
    • Type: Kit
    • Location: Home
  • Hardware:
    • Type: Kit
    • Location: Home
  • Psychology:
    • Type: Kit
    • Location: Home, Bat Cave
  • 12 Medkit Supplies
  • Psyche: 94
  • Cereprax: 0
  • Booster Chips:
    • Attack 2: 5
    • Sleaze 2: 2
    • Data Processing 2: 4
    • Firewall 2: 4
    • Attack 4: 4
    • Sleaze 4: 3
    • Data Processing 4: 4
    • Firewall 4: 4
  • Patches:
    • Stim: 20
    • Trauma: 10
  • Comadoze: 10
  • Standard Certified Credstick
  • Fake SINs:
    • Alex Hume: Rating 4 (UCAS) (doesn't match staTIC's appearance)
    • Selma Griffins: Rating 4 (Evo) (doesn't match sTatIc's appearance)
    • Zorn Reddings: Rating 4 (Evo) (matched to sTAtiC)
  • Spare unmodded Sleeping Tiger - no longer fit
  • Spare unmodded Armour Clothing
  • Unmodded Ballistic Mask
Chamelion Suit Sleeping Tiger Moonsilver Swat Armour
Second Skin Cloak Ballistic Mask Helmet


MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone (x2)
4 4 2 4 4 3 3 - 6 5,000¥ Core p.465

Each equipped with an Ares Alpha

Transys Steed
4/2 1G 1 3(1) 0 2 2 1 2 4,000¥ SR5:R5 p.140



  • CND, a rating 6 agent with:
    • Pilot for Sony Orderly-4
    • Rating 6 Medicine


Owe Rating 2 favour to Rufio

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