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ComaDoze by Orro! Take two, they're small!

> Gonna try some of these and see if they help sleeping has been bad since the last run — Jynx (talk) 13:30, 14 Dec 2078


Cost Availability Addiction Rating Addiction Threshold
20¥ - 3 1
Vector ingestion
Speed 30 minutes
Duration (12 - body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Addiction Type Both
Effect See details
Crash None

This is an extra strength sleeping pill. Upon onset, make a Body + Willpower (3) test to stay awake; if you have the Insomnia quality at any rating, you may not intentionally fail this. If you fail, this test, you fall asleep for the duration. The Insomnia quality increases your resistance for this test; for the rating 10 version, add 3 dice; for the rating 15 version, 5 dice.

If someone tries to physically wake you (for example through shaking or kicking), make a threshold (3 - wounds dealt) Perception test; success means you wake up and you may not intentionally fail this.

If you resist the initial sleep test or are woken up early, take the remaining duration as Sleep deprivation Fatigue damage and continue accruing sleep deprivation (the damage cannot be healed until you sleep and every 3 hours increase the DV of the damage by 1 and take it again. Fatigue damage is resisted by Body + Willpower. See SR5 172).

The good news is that multiple doses will increase your chances of falling asleep! For each additional dose, increase the thresholds for staying awake and being woken by 3. Standard overdose rules apply - when taking 2 or more doses immediately take the sum of the addiction ratings in stun damage, resisted by Body (so 3×doses damage). This damage may be healed by the induced sleep.