Connor McTavish

From Jackpoint

Connor's a nice chummer, he's always given me a nice place to stay at reasonable rates. Some people call him gruff and tough, and sure, he scowls at me a lot, but that's just because he doesn't like trouble, and he says I'm nothing but trouble. He's mostly bald, but don't let him hear you say that. He always knows everything going down on the streets, and he's happy to host Fixers and introduce new runners to the biz, just so long as they pay of course. He won't sell your secrets, but he won't protect you either. McTavish's Old-Style Tavern is his pride and joy, so if you cause any trouble in there, you'll regret it!

OOC Contact Info
  • Name: Connor McTavish
  • Role: Bartender
  • Connection: 3
  • Loyalty: 3
  • Runner Connection: Jynx
Runner Loyalty Loyalty Chips Connection Chips
Jynx 3