One Small Favour

From Jackpoint

(Will be written up in character later)

Selene gets a message from Gabrijel, sysop of Cloud9. Apparently some outsiders are trying to buy admin credentials and buy the host. She looks into it and finds the following:

  • Black Cat, a new admin, received spam on a new commcode very shortly after it was given admin and before it was released publicly.
  • George Maybury, a former tech worker at Setpoint Social, heard about some of the admins of his host receiving similar messages about a month ago. When the messages failed to have any effect, the outside force compromised several accounts on the board of directors, seized majority, fired everyone else, and took over the company.
  • Possible evidence that the user database has been accessed illegally, or else someone on the inside is already compromised.
  • The messages were traced to a small-time corporate host which doesn't see much use.
  • We found data sent from the source host consisting of legal documents and contracts in Japanese. The host is on the Emerald City grid and a camera was traced to an address in Tacoma. There is a law firm in that office building, and one partner is Japanese. One of the offices in that building is for rent.

Things we want to investigate:

  • The host which is the source of the latest messages. Who accesses it and why?
  • The Setpoint Social host which was taken over. What are they using it for?
  • We set up a new admin account on a throwaway commcode. If anyone accesses that data, they are suspicious.
  • We have the address of the office building (Kaplan Square) where a camera connected to the source host was traced to.
  • We have the address of the building where the Setpoint Social host has a direct connection.


Mysterious Japanese Contracts

Peace River File

Notes from security host run:

  • Backdoor was last accessed 45 minutes before we went in by a person connecting from Happy Life. Resonance signature in the area, also on the database/directory service, Editor was used. We're looking for a Technomancer. Accessed camera and microphone data during the time Mr. Shimizu was kidnapped.
  • There are other links to hosts in the building from the security host. Suspect they were put there by someone from Happy Life. Connections to everyone except Kuma Solutions and the supply company
  • Audio recorder under the captain's chair in the host. Written to the night before we were there, when Mr. Shimizu was kidnapped. Voice recording in Japanese. Roughly, he was meeting with someone he wasn't expecting to see, who he knows but doesn't like, this person accused Mr. Shimizu of breaking an agreement and said "Sorry, but you know the rules", then there was a scuffle. Suspect Yakuza involvement? Find out who matches this description