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Option 1: Using an Existing Contact as an Instructor

Your contact needs to have a relevant aspect to the skill being trained and an Active DP greater than or equal to double the new rating of the trained skill. This counts as a Rating 2 extended favour, at one hour per day of training.

Option 2: Finding an Instructor

The cost is split into three components: the referral cost, the fixed cost, and the variable cost.

  • Referral cost: There are two options for the referral cost — asking a contact or doing it by yourself.
    • Asking a contact: Your contact makes a Networking (Instructor Instruction Die Pool, 1 hour) extended test. The number of hours they take is the length the extended service of a rating 1 favour. Glitches work as normal as per rules on SR5 p. 48. If your contact fails, no retry is allowed for a month by the same contact (you still have to pay them for the work they did).
    • Doing it yourself: You make a Street Cred + Current Skill Rank - 2xNoteriety - Instructor Instruction Die Pool [Social](Instructor Instruction Die Pool, 1 day) extended test. The length of this test is added to your downtime required to train the skill (but is not "day of training"). Glitches work as usual, retry on failure gets -2 for each failure within the last month to try and find an instructor for the same skill.
  • Fixed cost: Cost for the instructor to show up and reduce the training time by 25% on your schedule, equal to instructor knowledge pool x ¥100 in the knowledge of the skill being trained (which needs to be at least as high as the new rating of what is being trained)
  • Variable cost: Following up by the instructor checking up on your progress as you go though the material across the training period, equal to [Instruction Die Pool / 4 round up] * ¥150 per day of training.