Rules:Street Cred

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Street Cred

As written, Street Credit is added to social limit, if people know your reputation. Also, the difference in Street Creds is added to the person with higher street cred, and subtracted from the person with lower street cred. This is described in the Street Cred section, and on the social modifiers section.

Change: Characters may let the target know their street name, or something important they have done. If they do, even accidentally, roll Street Cred. Each hit let's the person(s) they are talking to know something about them. Even one hit brings street cred into the discussion. Characters who aren't street adjacent don't get to make this roll (example: corporate wage slaves don't know Shadow runners). The blandness quality cuts this roll in half.

Change: 2: Contacts have a street cred equal to the Connection Rating * 2 -1 (so a Connection 1 contact has 1 Street Cred and a Connection 4 contact has 7)

Change 3: These characters get street cred every 20 karma instead of 10 due to doubling karma rewards.

Change 4 (Adopted, see OOC:Rules Modifications):

 1 - City Neighbourhood
 2 - City District
 3 - Local City
 4 - Neighbouring Metropolisis and Environs
 6 - Country + Neighbouring Countries
 8 - Continent
10 - World

Public Awareness

As written, public awareness causes problems for runners and makes them known!

Proposed Change: Public Awareness can be rolled by anyone, and the GM may call for a roll at any time (once per NPC), this is the same as a Street Cred roll, but at the whim of the GM, not the PC. Successes on this roll also forces a Street Cred roll. The Distinctive Style quality adds your street cred to this roll.


As written, Notoriety causes problems for runners by making them seem flakey.

Proposed Change: Notoriety counts as Public Awareness (as per above change) but only for people with Street affiliation (Cops, Ganger, Organized Crime, and so on).

Proposed Change 2: the highest team Notoriety is added to all Negotiation rolls made by Johnsons.