Rules:Street Cred tests

From Jackpoint

Community Scale Social tests

When rolling a social test to interact with a community, replace Charisma with Street Cred. For example, planting false rumours would be Street Cred + Con, easing tensions might be Street Cred + Ettiquette, and inciting action or calling a rally could be Street Cred + Leadership. Limit is still intrinsic Social limit. Street Cred bonus does not apply since it's already part of the roll, but all other social modifiers (from the table or personal modifiers) relevant to the action apply.

At GM discretion, this may be an extended test.

Legwork tests

When trying to find information through your network of contacts, make a Legwork test; this applies both for active searches, and for passive searches, e.g. being informed of new rumours. Roll (Street Cred) + (number of relevant contacts); the limit for this test is the highest Loyalty+Connection for any individual relevant contact.

At GM discretion, this may be an extended test.