School Shuffle

From Jackpoint

Ok, here it is. This is, for me, the big one. Time for the shuffle.

My plan is: Get Jenna to Hawai'i. Then, contract Gilly's Team, tell them it's go time. Once they're gonna grab here, grab Sam and Mel in the middle of the night. Means we gotta cool out heels a bit. I was gonna ask Voidbit to hook us up with a Fixer who can get us a Bolthole, was wondering about doing a shared Bolthole (unless LA is crazy expensive, I'm thinking it'll cost 1200¥ for us to get a shared place?) and figure out our plans? --MaltaTalk 11:00, 23 February 2021 (EST)

I've been tending the plants in the bolt hole that Voidbit found us (frag, chummer is like a gift, remind me to send Integra a fruit basket). We did recon on the island, looks like Horizon has police drones doing patrols. Probably slaved to a Host somewhere. Plan on trying to slip past them. We have a map of the place, and Eyes on the island itself, so it's probably gonna be a bit of a walk. Plan is, take the boat to Sutill island, wait on Sutill under the cover of darkness, then approach from the far side (to avoid patrols), and then get on the island, and try to engage sneaking. I'm gonna use my Dragon eyes to keep us appraised of who is watching. --MaltaTalk 21:49, 13 March 2021 (EST)

Aright, success. Frag. Burn me out. We booked in, went over the island, and used the cover of a spirit, and got in. Silk fraggin' booked it. Got the hell out with Sam. Jynx was hell on wheels in the Matrix. And we got Mel pretty easily. And then, we got out.

We got shot at a few times, but you know, just another day at the office. --MaltaTalk 08:54, 24 March 2021 (EST)

Run Rewards

Highest opposed pool18
(Pool / 4)4
Speed or Subtlety +1
Risked exposure +1
(Pool / 6)3
Objectives: all +2






Relative Nuyen Adjustment


Session Karma ¥0
Karma per session: 3# of sessions: 2