Steve McGee

From Jackpoint

Stevie (don't let him know I called him that, he hates it, but I heard his girlfriend call him that once and it's so cute!) is a street doc I met in Connor's place once when he came in for a drink and when I overheard he was a doctor, I kept pestering him to teach me, but he wouldn't. Then later he got into a bar fight and opened himself up real bad, and then when I pestered him he taught me enough first aid to patch him up. He didn't thank me or say much, but he did look pretty satisfied with the work (I caught him nodding when he thought I wasn't looking) and he gave me a commcode to use if I needed a Street Doc on the quick. Honestly, I just want to get more lessons from him, but I figure he's probably too busy to waste time with me.

OOC Contact Info
  • Name: Steve McGee
  • Role: Street Doc
  • Connection: 1
  • Loyalty: 1
  • Runner Connection: Jynx
Body Agility Reaction Strength Willpower Logic Intuition Charisma Edge Essence Magic Resonance
2 4 2 2 3 4 3 4 1 6 - -
Initiative 7+1D6
Condition Monitor 9
Limits Physical 3, Mental 5, Social 6
Armour -
Skills Cyberware 3, Bioware 2, First Aid 2, Medicine 3, Negotiation 4
Knowledge Skills Biology 5, Medical Advances 4, Organleggers 3, Psychology 1, Smugglers 1
Qualities and Powers