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So Integra reached out to Revàn about a job and told us to go to Dante's Inferno, Revàn went in person and I matrixed in, Mr. Johnson (he looked like a tall well dressed man to me, but Revàn tells me he's actually a dumpy gnome) started giving us the lowdown, wanted us to get a data core from this Ares black site, probably abandoned during the CFD epidemic, apparently the Blud N Bitz broke into it, but now they've been run off. So we did some digging and apparently they were doing some research into awakening emerged entities. Fragging drek, omae, that's just wrong. Apparently they even had some success, but reproduction possible but inadvisable or something. So we left for the site after hiring Johnny Banger as some much needed muscle and Revàn summoned a spirit of man when we found a bunch of Hellhounds and a Spirit of Beast and we went into them hard, I was fragging useless that fight except for having a sprite boost Johnny's arm, but we came out of it mostly okay. I ducked into the host through one of the cameras and saw a bunch of messed-up sprites that looked like insects, like holy steaming pile of drek this is not okay, so I tried to hide and do some more snooping but got spotted and also managed to short out the camera and get dumped out at least this happens enough that it didn't hurt. So we just went straight down the elevator and came face to face with some supervisor, a bunch of bug spirit host deckers some sprites hanging outside the host with a crazy resonance signature, the supervisor wants to take us on a tour, but Johnny responds with a shock to the face, I slam on the elevator to get us back upstairs, before we get up, Revàn and his spirit toast the place with lightning and Johnny geeks the supervisor, then once the door closed a cat with more resonance than I've ever seen in one place comes to talk to me, says that me using the elevator without going through the host, he called it the "nest", is wrong and we talk about freedom or something, freedom to serve, and when I disagreed he started throwing forms at me, I needed to use my sprites just to give us time to run away, we got out of the site and went to hole up. Revàn sent the spirit on recon, there was another floor under the one we saw and they were in the middle of summoning something. Gross gross gross I want to burn it all down, but we need ALL the details on this drek. And maybe still get paid I guess. — Jynx (talk) 00:21, 22 November 2078

Not going to lie, lots of things on that run were very not OK and Jynx's reaction is not overmuch, though I only really had an inkling of how bad the matrix side of things were. The summary is not a bad one: we couldn't really find much about it beforehand (Ares does keep their black sites locked down, who would have guessed), and there were too many bugs. We retreated for a bit and stocked up on industral bug spray and granades before tackling this steaming pile of drek. Once we got our stuff, we came back and stormed the sanctum guns akimbo. Turns out there was a bug spirit mage who was summoning some giant spirit queen and Johnny manages to go fuck up the mage before the ritual completed. Oh Malta, I know how you feel now about getting shot, it's rather unpleasent. — Revàn(Talk) 23:27, 23 November 2078

Oh yeah, we ended up snagging some sort of archaic pre-data chip media that Jynx really didn't want to hand over, but I managed to convince our Johnson that we tried and couldn't find any data cores in the site (which is true). Johnson did leave us with some amazing non–soy-based vintages, which is a nice touch. — Revàn(Talk) 18:02, 26 November 2078



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