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Attack Upgrade

The Attack rating of your living persona increases by 1. This echo may be taken twice.

Data Processing Upgrade

The Data Processing rating of your living persona increases by 1. This echo may be taken twice.

Firewall Upgrade

The Firewall rating of your living persona increases by 1. This echo may be taken twice.

Mind over Machine

You get the benefit of a Rating 1 control rig. You may take this echo up to two additional times (for a total of three), with the effective control rig rating increasing by 1 each time you take it.


You get a +1 dice pool bonus to resist biofeedback damage. This echo may be taken twice.


You accelerate your living persona to act more quickly in the Matrix. You get an additional +1D6 while you are in hot-sim VR.

Resonance Link

This echo gives you the ability to establish a low-level, one-way empathic link with another technomancer of your choice. As long as you are linked, you can discern the dominant mood and emotions of your linked companion. You know whenever your companion is under attack or stress, feeling pain, or otherwise in danger. The Resonance Link works in only one direction (so your companion does not receive empathic signals from you), but if both of you take the echo with each other, you can make a two-way link.

Resonance [Program]

This echo lets you copy the effects of one common or hacking program (p. 245). Each time you take this echo, you must specify which program you are mimicking. You can take this echo more than once, each time for a different program.

Sleaze Upgrade

The Sleaze rating of your living persona increases by 1. This echo may be taken twice.


The Fight-or-Flight Filter echo adjusts the technomancer's basic instincts for combat situations, making them far more efficient than that of a normal metahuman, while also muting the nagging portions of the brain that insist on feeling injuries. The technomancer receives all the benefits, but also all the difficulties, of a pain editor (p. 460, SR5) without needing to have the cultured bioware made for them and the surgery to get it implanted. A technomancer must have already submerged at least once prior to taking this echo.


Adjusting the logic centers of the brain, this echo allows a dramatically large increase in the math processing potential of the technomancer. This allows the technomancer to have the ability to perform simple math operations with perfectly accurate results, increasing the Mental Limit for math-intensive actions, such as encryption and decryption, by 2.


Known as the Man-Machine Resonance Interface, this echo subtly manipulates the Resonance coming off the technomancer, allowing them to better jump into drones and rigger-modified devices. This provides the same effects as a control rig (p. 452, SR5), without the free datajack and datacable. This can be taken up to three times, each increasing the effective rating of the control rig by one.


Where this runner goes, tendrils of Matrix connectivity continue to follow along, allowing everyone to benefit from the majesty of the Matrix. Technomancers with the Quiet echo reduce the Noise of their area by 2 (p. 230, SR5) for a radius around the hacker of 10 meters per point of Resonance attribute. This echo can be activated or deactivated at will with a Free Action.

Resonance Riding

A strange twist of the Matrix follows the technomancer even through secondary means of connection, giving them the ability to perform some Resonance actions w hile jacked into the Matrix through a commlink or cyberdeck. While going through this secondary system, the technomancer cannot use their Living Persona or benefit from any of the Living Persona's attributes, or perform the Compile Sprite, Register Sprite, or Thread Complex Form actions. All other Resonance actions are available.

Resonance Scream

Through sheer force of will, the technomancer is able to flood their area with spam messages, annoying the hell out of everyone and increasing the noise of the area by 2 for a radius around the hacker of 10 meters per Resonance attribute, affecting everyone (including the technomancer) therein as if they were inside of a spam zone. This can be turned on and off with a Free Action, which is handy because spam rage is a major issue.


You gain the ability to forge a direct connection with any device you can physically touch. Two technomancers with this echo can mentally communicate simply by touching.


The technomancer gains the ability to subconsciously perceive minor events happening around their body while working with the Matrix in VR. This allows them to choose to perform Perception-related Free Actions in the Matrix or the real world.