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Slashopt is a data specialist - acquiring, curating and selling illicit data. They escaped the technomancer massacre but lost their (physical) vision in the process, so they always have their cyberglasses on. They feel technomancers have been horribly wronged and want to raise their status however they can, even at the expense of non-technomancers. Despite this can sometimes be found helping out non-technomancers in need. Believes that freeing the One Hundred is the Will of the Resonance.

Part of the Redmond Responders.

OOC Contact Info
Nonbinary Troll technomancer
  • Name: Slashopt
  • Role: Data specialist
  • Connection: 1
  • Loyalty: 3
  • Runner Connection: Jynx
  • Stream: None so far.

The kind of place the mirror maze Realm is based on: video Mirror-maze.jpg