Turnabout Aerospace

From Jackpoint

Out of the blue a mysterious shady individual calling herself "Mrs. Cooper" contacted Malta out of the blue with a job offer. During the meet, everything indicated that this was a trap so we highballed her. What she wanted us to do was to execute a mysterious program that she provided and torch the server that it would connect to. Obviously, we didn't trust the program and Jynx spent some time cracking the encryption on the program so that we have a better idea of what sort of hot water this is getting us in. They manage to suss out the credentials embedded in the program, and give the server a look-see, finding data streams and some sort of backdoor (I think).

As professional courtesy we ask around to the owner of the backdoor, and we find a decker called Abs1nthe. They reveal that they were the ones hired to change a file in the Kobei system, and we suspect that is one of the pieces of the puzzle leading to the shooting down of the plane in the Hyperborean case. We let them clean house before bringing the data to Jin Oboro, who is very keen on the information. He introduced us to Dumag, who sits on some Aerospace committee and suspects that Hilbert has insider knowledge. He was willing to pay us earnest money if we sniff that out for him, but first we need to meet up with "Mrs. Cooper".




65000 nuyen, 21 karma