Cat Catastrophe

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Johnny Banger was recruited by Ares Recruiter Julie Bines for a recording session two weeks before the session start, and has been missing since then.

Snake shows us the AresJobOffer at the Café DuMorne.

I followed up on some of my old threads in the Seattle underground on cougars and found the following potential interests:

We decided to check up on Moore so we went to the Ancients and paid for an introduction they had some sweet gear we should look into. But anyway with a commcode in hand I traced Moore to a building just north of Glow City (ew!) [1] apparently the surroundings had been blasted out to make it harder to sneak up so we got into a stake out and did our surveillance:

  • Snake: Moore was treating patients, people were entering, Moore was not leaving. He would be in there for days at a time. Obvious signs of magical healing. There was physical camera coverage. Inside saw a doctor, doing work, and a large cougar, working on medical equipment
  • Revàn: there was a pretty strong magical lodge and alarm ward
  • Me: I looked on the matrix and found the cat had a living persona and Resonance signature a Bastet probably the one we were looking for and the devices were all slaved to a Fairlight Caliban that had hacking capabilities which is pretty unusual unless you get a dongle.

Since this looked like the right place but also well defended we headed back to prepare for an assault I needed to pick up my new armour but on the way back some technomancer decided to hack my bike with Snake and me still on it in order to get my attention. Apparently he just wanted to get my help with something so despite the unorthodox way he grabbed my attention I agreed to meet with him with Revàn and Snake backing me up. We went over to his garage and he introduced himself as CatDad and told me he had a little matrix problem he was keeping in an offline car in the back room. I looked in and found this damaged AI and apparently it was from the slotting black site! Apparently CatDad got the AI in the car and got the car from some wageslave who worked at this ammo factory I guess and he didn't know anything about it and wanted my help as a local expert in the weird matrix and we couldn't just leave CatDad alone with something from the black site so we ended up hiring him to help with the run. He drove us back to Moore's place we snuck in pwned the matrix securities and went in fists flying. We overpowered Moore and the cat but not before breathing in way too much CS gas but we managed to subdue and restrain them and start interrogating them (interrogation strategizing). I also took a dive inside Moore's Commlink.

We found Moore and the bastet Alice in a med-shack near Glow City doing some med work on contract for the Ancients and gave them a call. After spiriting them to a safehouse provided by Dom, we discovered were formerly employed at the aforementioned black site and sold to the bug spirits taking over the site information about Young Nick in exchange for their freedom. They want out and into Aztlan, and we for the most part just put them on the backburner while dealing with the other Ares drek. After a bit of a team argument, we agreed it was best to forge evidence of thier death in a car chase and send them to Aztlan to avoid *more* messy complications. — Revàn(Talk) 16:08, 24 November 2020 (EST) — Jynx (talk) 13 February 2079

(Details to fill in:

  • Concert being held on a boat (Hijinks and Rev on!)
  • Meeting with Kaz to hand in forged evidence of Moore's death
  • Meeting with Bines and her job offer
  • Chatting with the Ancients about Moore missing
  • Splicing the Heinz fragment onto a Sprite
  • Research that led to the underwater base with ties to the boat
  • IC Email transcripts
  • ...more...?


  • ACS Scrubbing Bubbles -> Custodial boat, Zodiac Scorpio (no weapon mounts) - seats 8, two of them drivers
  • ACS Keebler -> Catering, Samuvani Criscraft Otter, expanded seating to 14


  2500¥ - Housing and food for Moore and Alice: Revàn
   280¥ - Reagents for Ritual: Revàn
   800¥ - Parts for fixing a Jackrabbit: CatDad
  1000¥ - Rigger interface for Jackrabbit: CatDad
  3000¥ - A Jackrabbit: CatDad
100000¥ - A Coyote to send Alice and Moore away: Revàn


5000¥ for lying to the Ancients

151200¥ for selling submarines

Net after expenses: 43620¥

Per person: 8724¥ (one month from session end)

50 karma (20 standard, 30 session)