Horizon Hack

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Jynx and Malta are finally hitting up Horizon!

Roll Call

Hasty notes about Cascades run

Cascade Crows territory, an ork tribe we can bribe (economy based on bribes), elf tribe neo-luddites, contact with the ork tribe, find an unmonitored stretch of border, pretend to be shamans/tribespeople (probably easiest to fake Ork tribe), bring cash because neo luddites, elf tribe hates Seattle and UCAS

(feel free to make that suck less, I'm terrible at shorthand) — Jynx (talk) 16:01, 6 December 2078

The Hospital

Okay so I cracked open the Horizon server we pulled a while back and most of it was irrelevant but there were records of one Iris Fairlight being helicoptered from Redmond General to somewhere in the Cascades which of course was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. So I called up Malta since while I didn't find anything on his family I figured he would be interested in a run against Horizon anyway and we did some digging then decided to hit the hospital. First we went in undercover during the day with me posing as Malta's kid and I waited in the lobby accessing the public parts of the Host while Malta "accidentally got himself lost" around the place smooth talking employees and lifting badges and the like. We left with no problems then came back at night and snuck in. We snooped around the place and after a while an Ares Dragon carrying Igor Bannivir shows up and they start hauling stuff from the hospital into the chopper for an hour or so. While they're doing that and we watch them Malta gets me in place to pull all the records I can on this helicopter business and my mom. You can see the results of this below and they're very interesting. Towards the end of Bannivir's work I run into some GOD problems and mess up a hack against the Hospital systems so I have to hop out and set up an illusion to cover my tracks then hide out in a Stuffer Shack host (it gets tiring to play walk-a-mole and hide-and-seek with low-grade IC let me tell you) but after a while I pop out and manage to slip a file onto the Dragon rigger's RCC so that I can trace them later. I then jack out, Malta and I bust out, and we're back home for a while.

I spend some time digging into names while Malta spends some time going to his contacts and we put together a plan for hitting the site in the Cascades you can see my drekky notes for that above. Malta goes to Doyle to give him a scoop that he's free to publish if he doesn't hear from us for four days in case everything goes to hell like it always does. — Jynx (talk) 16:01, 6 December 2078

Hospital Evidence


Account Holder: Mr. Johnathan Johnson
Patient Name: Ms. Iris Fairlight
Receipt Date: June 30th, 2067

            Summary of Charges
Room, Private (x3 shifts)        $  45,000
Diagnosis, General Classificati  $   8,376
Intravenus Therapy               $   1,688
Pharmacy, General Classificatio  $  11,049
Medical Supplies, Other          $   5,412
Helipad Use, Time Slot E         $  26,745
                     Subtotal  $    98,270
  	   Insurance Discount  $         -
	     Payment Received  $    98,270
          Outstanding Balance  $         -
  Thank you for choosing Redmond General

Server Findings:

RETURN {DischargeDate, Patient.Name} FROM Records
  WHERE Account.Name IS {Johnathan Johnson}
    AND Charges INCLUDES {Helipad}
Discharge Date     Patient Name
2066-11-26         Mr. Avery Charles Doffman        
2067-06-30         Ms. Iris Fairlight
2068-10-19         Ms. Yanqing (Yannie) Liu         < Former Lotus Media (Wuxing) Manager, possibly Awakened
2069-02-07         Mr. Enrique Aristizabal-Martinez < Son of wealthy Bellevue family, SURGEd into a Nocturna in 2062. Family presumed him dead and held a funeral in 2072.
2069-08-23         Ms. Meiiko Suiga                 < Former Shiawase technomancer matrix security. 
2070-03-11         Ms. Perl Niven                   
2070-12-17         Mr. Nathaniel Sommerset
2071-01-22         Mr. Akecheta (Aki) White-Hawk    < Falcon shape-shifter working on Council Island as cultural ambassator
2072-04-08         Ms. Wakana Tanoue                
2073-07-15         Ms. Lorelei Fernstorm            < Nocturna teenager whose parents had posted a plea if anyone had seen their daughter for information
2075-03-16         Mr. Alfred James Cunningham
2075-11-30         Ms. Krisha Varuna Tripathi       < Nartaki tourist gone missing in Seattle.
2076-02-07         Mr. Robert Eugene French
2077-05-01         Mr. Volodymyr Pavlyuchenko
================== END OF RECORD ===================

RETURN {DischargeDate} FROM Records
  WHERE Account.Name 
     OR Patient.Name IS {Igor Bannivir}
2077-05-27, 2077-05-30, 2077-06-27, 2077-07-18,
2077-08-15, 2077-09-05, 2077-09-26, 2077-10-17,
2077-11-07, 2077-11-21, 2077-12-05, 2077-12-26,
2078-01-09, 2078-01-30, 2078-02-13, 2078-02-27, 
2078-03-20, 2078-04-03, 2078-04-17, 2078-05-08,
2078-05-29, 2078-06-12, 2078-06-26, 2078-07-17, 
2078-08-07, 2078-08-28, 2078-09-11, 2078-09-25, 
2078-10-16, 2078-11-06, 2078-12-04
================== END OF RECORD ===================

Bakebrain gangers

So we're driving out of Redmond and we're running through this neighbourhood I forget where and some go gang decides it's a good idea to accost us. Malta tries to talk them down and I try and own their PAN but I screw up and then everything goes violent and I shoot some of them and Malta runs over the leader who'd been trying to frag with us and we leave. Apparently the Yaks are funding them and Malta wants to demand an apology. — Jynx (talk) 16:01, 6 December 2078

Bannivir's site

Sketch of Horizon Base Rooms.png

Continuing from Jynx's summary, once we break into the site, we learn that the Host is still being used, but there's only two bodies on site, both of them Infected by HMHVV. We bricked their Rigger/Spider (or, well, drugged him up and dump shocked him), and then grenaded my old ... friend ... Bannavir, and wrapped him up in a barrel of water. Then we stole the host, the PABs being used to alter memory, the patient hooked up to the PABs, and the Dragon, and got the frag out.

The rigger's name is Roger Richter and it turned out he was amenable to extraction (given the alternatives of dying or being left holding the bag) so he helped us fly the Dragon out with me aboard. Meanwhile in the Bulldog Malta took a bit of time getting to the Cascade Orks and he used that time to cozy up to the ex-patient/captive, one Skylar Einos. — Jynx (talk) 19:22, 26 December 2078

Staying with the Cascade Orks we sold them a PAB, and got the Dragon reregistered - and began the proper job of getting the frag out of dodge. Holed up in Seattle, we gotta dig through data and figure out what's inside Bannivir's brain.

While holed up with the Cascade Orks waiting for Malta I did some preliminary digging into Bannivir's logs and checked on everyone I could think of including Iris and Malta's family and also everyone on the record from the hospital. The common thread from all the hospital patients is that they've had their memories overwritten to believe they agreed to work for Horizon in exchange for hospital services and also many of them are being paired off and having kids (you know bred) and all seem to be genetically interesting some way with technomancers seeming to be mostly paired off with other technos. Will the depths to which Horizon stoop to never cease?! So once I share things with Malta (and don't worry, I didn't read his family's files) he puts together a copy of the data with the names withheld to give to Doyle completely gratis while I take the copy and start prepping it for delayed drops on a number of shadow sites I know. Hopefully this all comes back to bite Horizon in a big way – I'm hoping in particular The Cooperative picks up the story. — Jynx (talk) 18:32, 7 December 2078

The following is data on what happened to Iris particularly that she would not include in her info dumps to the group.

Iris has had her memories altered so she believes her name is Iris Álvarez and she's married to Devon with twins Raven and Zuriñe. She and Devon worked for Horizon from San Fransico until Devon disappeared after the 2074 Technomancer Massacre. Iris was transferred to the Singularity division of Horizon though I believe she still lives in San Francisco.

Back in Redmond

So I took the Dragon back with Roger while Malta drove the Bulldog. I compiled a real beast of a Sprite to help us and so with our skills we easily avoided Matrix and Physical searchers and got back to Redmond no hassle. Malta called up Silver Puma to get us a place to hold onto the chopper for a while so I call Selene up to help watch me, Roger, and the Dragon while I, uh, I attempt one of the stupider things I've ever attempted. I try to register my big ol' Sprite and... it does not go well. I suffer Resonance backlash and black out, and when I wake up Steve McGee is treating me and it takes me a few days to get back to full health but even now when I try and work with sprites it's just not the same as before they just don't come out as cleanly.

Meanwhile I hear that Malta arrived back in town and managed to sell the Ares Dragon. I forgot to ask what happened to Skylar but apparently Roger is getting a job with the 37 Juggernauts, so yay? Malta and I set up to "talk" to Bannivir - we get a bit more useful data out of him and then sell him to Tamanous through Gilly to let him pay for his crimes.

Malta and I go a couple times to try and get an apology out of the drekhead of a ganger that accosted us but no dice it seems we couldn't find the right people to ask or something. — Jynx (talk) 19:22, 26 December 2078


  • Selling Ares Dragon: ¥35,500
  • Karma: 25