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Weapon Acc DV AP Modes RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Blowgun 8 1P SS 1 (ml) 4 15¥ SR5:R&G
Bola Physical (STR+3)S +4 6 75¥ SR5:R&G
Flame Bracer 4 6P(fire) -6 SS 2 (c) 8F 775¥ SR5:HT
Grapple gun 3 7S -2 SS 1 (ml) 8R 500¥ Core
Monofilament Bola Physical (STR+3)S / 12P +4 / -8 18F 4,000¥ SR5:R&G
Net Physical-2 6 350¥ SR5:R&G
Net Gun, Basic 5 SS 4 (b) 9 750¥ SR5:R&G
Net Gun, XL 5 SS 2 (b) 9 1,000¥ SR5:R&G
Throwing Syringe Physical (STR-2)P -2 6F 1,500¥ SR5:HT


Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
8 1P SS 1(ml) 4 15¥ SR5:R&G
Blowguns are fired with the Exotic Ranged Weapon (Blowgun) skill and use Taser ranges. To deliver a toxin with a blowgun needle, use the Called Shot Location rules to target an area not protected by armor. If the attack succeeds, the poison is delivered.
Note that when using a blowgun, a character may inhale his own dart on a critical glitch; some modern blowguns have a safeguard in form of a small cross-like section in the mouthpiece.

Nope, not kidding. The blowgun has been silently neutralizing targets for hundreds of years. Especially popular with stealthy forces that like to poison their targets and then recover their goodies or finish them off once they are no longer able to fight off a flea. They take a lot of skill to use and almost always include a drug or toxin on their needles. Otherwise it would just be ranged acupuncture.


Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical (STR+3)S +4 6 75¥ SR5:R&G
Bolas can do one of two types of damage based on their use. When thrown to hit a target, make an Exotic Ranged Weapon (Bolas) Attack Test (use the DV and AP stats on the left side of the slash for monofilament bolas).
Called Shots
When thrown with the intent of wrapping around a specific location on an opponent use the appropriate Called Shot Location modifier to determine success. A standard bola requires the target to make an immediate Agility + Gymnastics [Physical] Test with a threshold of the attacker’s net hits; if they fail, they fall prone.
Remove Bolas
Removing wrapped bolas requires an Agility + Escape Artist [Physical](6, 1 Action Phase) Extended Test or a sharp knife (taking a Complex Action to cut it off).
Bolas use shuriken ranges.
One or two grenades of any fashion bound together. They suffer a –2 Accuracy, and misses are determined much like scatter, except that it is always the maximum distance in the 7 direction. A successful bola attack means the grenades are at 0 distance to the target when they explode, and Multiple Simultaneous Blast rules (p. 183, SR5) apply.

Take a pair of rocks, tie them together with a rope. Now you have basic bolas. Take that and throw it at some thing, letting the extra centrifugal force give it some added punch. Now get fancy and try and wrap it around your target. It’s not easy, but if you hit just right it’s both a takedown and a load of pain all in one. Modern bolas aren’t rocks tied with strings; instead, they’re usually solid steel connected with wire, often with three balls instead of two. They’re a favorite weapon of hunters that prefer to take their prey alive, especially bounty hunters.

  • Sociopathic runners are often at the forefront of interesting derivations and innovations in the arms race. Boombolas are an example of that. A pair of wireless-enabled grenades, or one grenade and a counterweight, are used to snare the target with a healthy reminder of how bad not surrendering can be. There are also those who simply use the bola design to put the grenades right on top of a target. No longer chunky salsa, more of a fine purée.
    • Red Anya


Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
4 (STR)P 8R 750¥ SR5:R&G

Use Shuriken range and Skill Exotic Melee Weapon (Chakram)

Flame Bracer

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 6P(fire) -6 SS 2(c) 8F 775¥ SR5:HT

This gizmo was invented by a mage who favored the Shape Fire spell but could never find a flame when he needed it. On a critical glitch you hit yourself with the flame. This weapon uses the Exotic Ranged Weapon skill.

Grapple gun

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
3 7s –2 SS 1(ml) 8R 500¥ Core

This gun can shoot a grappling hook and attached rope, using Light Crossbow ranges. It comes equipped with an internal winch to pull back the grapple (or pull up small loads). Use the Exotic Ranged Weapon skill to shoot it. Micro rope can support a weight of up to 100 kilograms; standard and stealth ropes can support a weight of up to 400 kilograms.

See the Grapple Gun section for more details.

Monofilament Bola

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical (STR+3)S/12P +4/-8 18F 4,000¥ SR5:R&G
A monofilament bola requires the target to make an immediate Damage Resistance Test using the stats on the right side of the slash along with the Agility + Gymnastics Test. Once wrapped up with a monofilament bola, any character trying to get themselves loose with the above Escape Artist Test or move must make a Damage Resistance Test for each attempt.

If getting tangled up by a pair of metal balls on a metal wire wasn’t bad enough, imagine if that wire was a monofilament line. There’s very little intention to capture and much more to harm, though the company tag line is suppression through intimidation, claiming they wrap and prevent escape by the threat of increased risk of harm.


Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Physical-2 6 350¥ SR5:R&G
Successful Attack
With a successful attack using rules for a Grazing Hit (p. 173, SR5), the net lands over an opponent and they are considered to be in subduing combat (p. 195, SR5). An attacker must move to the target in order to engage in any of the Subduing actions.
Escape Net
To break free of the net, the subdued character rolls Agility + Unarmed Combat (rather than Strength + Unarmed Combat) or Agility + Escape Artist as a Complex Action, against a threshold equal to the attacker’s net hits.
Nets use half the range of throwing knives (round up) and employ the Exotic Ranged Weapons (Net) skill.

There always seemed to be no more embarrassing gladiatorial death than to be trapped in a net and then poked to death. I think the fact that the gladiators who fought with nets were the lowliest of the low makes it even worse. But these days it doesn’t matter. If it works, use it. The net makes a great way to slow an opponent and provide an advantage, and isn’t that what life is always about—getting the advantage?

  • And if it doesn’t work, modify it until it does. While a few attempts at monofilament nets have been tried and failed spectacularly, other more offensive materials have been used with nets. The Terra Cotta ShredNet with its barbed wire netting and the Ares ShockNet with an electrical stun charge built in have been two very popular options to spice things up.
    • Sticks

Net Gun

Net Gun, Basic

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 SS 4(b) 9 750/350¥ SR5:R&G
On Hit
When a target is hit, apply the rules for nets (see p. 25).
Size Modifiers
If a large net is used against a normal sized target, the target receives a –2 modifier on his Agility, while a large target hit by a normal sized net receives a +2 Agility modifier. Net guns use light pistol ranges and cannot mount any accessories.
Costs Gun/Ammo
The cost on the left side of the slash is the price of the gun; on the right is the cost of a full load of ammunition for the weapon.

Net Gun, XL

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 SS 2(b) 9 1,000/400¥ SR5:R&G


Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
as gun 8S(e) -5 as gun as gun 10R +250¥ SR5:R&G
The ShockNet has two charges. One will activate on contact, the second at the start of the next Combat Turn.

This weapon comes in two models, the basic and the XL. The basic is designed for metahumans, except for trolls, and smaller critters; while the XL is intended for trolls and other larger creatures.

  • The ShockNet ammo is great for helping with a little extra takedown on those really feisty targets.
    • Sticks

Throwing Syringe

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Physical (STR-2)P -2 6F 1,500¥ SR5:HT

Originally developed by a street doc who was also a throwing adept, this weapon quickly found fans with assassins due to its ability to deal deadly attacks in an easily concealable package. These aerodynamic throwing needles have an internal compressed reservoir with an inertial trigger. When the darts strike a target, they inject any liquid they contain into the target. If the syringe does not penetrate the armor and the liquid is not contact vector, the target is not affected by the liquid (see Injection Darts, p. 434, SR5). A character can ready (Agility / 2) of these syringes with one Ready Weapon action. Wireless bonus: If all the Throwing Syringes you throw in a Combat Turn have wireless and you have a smartlink system, each syringe you throw receives a +1 dice pool bonus per syringe thrown that Combat Turn at your current target, as the syringes adjust for wind and other atmospheric conditions. So you’d get no bonus on the frst throw, +1 on the second throw, and +2 on the third, etc. (assuming you aimed all three syringes at the same target. If you didn’t then no bonus).

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