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Use the Longarms skill when firing shotguns. The stats for these shotguns are for normal slug rounds. When firing shot, use the special rules for shotguns, choke settings, and flechette ammo (Shotguns, p. 180). Shotguns can take top, barrel, and underbarrel accessories.

Range Table
DP Modifier Short
Longarms Range in Meters
Shotguns (flechette) 0–15 16–30 31–45 45–60
Shotguns (slug) 0–10 11–40 41–80 81–150
Weapon Acc DV AP Modes RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Auto-Assault 16 4 13P -1 SA/BF/FA 2 10 (c)  or 32 (d) 18F 1,800¥ SR5:R&G
Cavalier Falchion 5 (7) 12P -1 SS 8 (m) 9R 1,200¥ SR5:GH3
Defiance T-250 4 10P -1 SS/SA 5 (m) 4R 450¥ Core
Defiance T-250, short-barreled 4 9P -1 SS/SA 5 (m) 4R 450¥ Core
Enfield AS-7 4 (5) 13P -1 SA/BF 10 (c)  or 24 (d) 12F 1,100¥ Core
Franchi SPAS-24 4 (6) 12P -1 SA/BF/FA 1 10 (c) 12F 1,050¥ SR5:R&G
HK XM30, Shotgun 3 (5) 10P -1 SA – (1) 10 (c) 15F 4,500¥ SR5:R&G
Krime Boss 3 13P -1 SA 1 15 (d) 11R 600¥ SR5:GH3
Mossberg AM-CMDT 5 (7) 12P -1 SA/BF/FA 10 (c) 12F 1,400¥ SR5:R&G
Nissan Optimum II, Shotgun 4 (6) 10P -1 SA 1 5 (m) SR5:R&G
PJSS Model 55 6 11P -1 SS – (1) 2 (b) 9R 1,000¥ Core
Remington 990 4 11P -1 SA 8 (c) 6R 950¥ SR5:R&G
Shiawase Arms Rain 4 10P -1 SA – (1) 5 (ml) 4R 450¥ SR5:GH3
Winchester Model 201 8 11P -1 SA 2 (b) 8R 1,300¥ SR5:GH3
Winchester Model 2054 4 (5) 11P -1 SA – (1) 7 (m) 6R 900¥ SR5:GH3
Winchester Model 2066 4 11P -1 SS 5 (m) 4R 1,000¥ SR5:GH3

Auto-Assault 16

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 13P -1 SA/BF/FA 2 10(c) or 32(d) 18F 1,800¥ SR5:R&G

A favorite among military and mercenary units, the rugged and deadly AA-16 is the latest in the “AA” line of assault shotguns. Unofficially nicknamed “The Warhammer” by its users, the fully-auto capable AA- 16 provides superior firepower and ammo capacity in short to medium ranged engagements while completely dominating in a close-quarters battle. Specially designed internal mechanisms also absorb most of the weapon’s recoil, making the AA-16 extremely easy to handle in combat.

  • The ‘Hammer is also easy to maintain. Like its predecessor the AA-12, its internals are made of stainless steel that resists the buildup of all sorts of gunk and needs minimal (if any) lubrication.
    • Picador
  • They’re also very popular for use on drones or automated turrets; especially mine.
    • Rigger X

Cavalier Falchion

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 (7) 12P –1 SS 8(m) 9R 1,200¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories
Advanced Safety, Melee Hardening, Smartlink, Trigger Removal

Cavalier’s companion to the Sheriff, the Falchion is designed to be part of a shooter’s integrated Personal Area Network. The Falchion’s smartlink system painlessly synchronizes with the user’s commlink, providing visual cues when performing a weapon switch in a tactical situation. The advanced safety system and lack of manual controls ensures the weapon cannot be turned against its user. Also, in keeping with the Sheriff’s popular visual customization options, the Falchion is available in a number of different colors and decorative patterns.

  • Cavalier has started selling matching appearance modification kits for the Falchion and Sheriff. I’m not sure I like the styles they’re selling, but the line has increased their profitability by three percent for the last quarter. I never realized gun buyers were also part of the vanity market.
    • Mr. Bonds
  • I don’t know about the customization kits, but Lone Star units patrolling Gary, Indiana have started carrying the Sheriff/ Falchion combo. And no, I will not tell you why I was there.
    • Traveler Jones
  • The trigger removal makes them pretty worthless to go-gangers looking to punk out a patrol or two, so I can understand switching some officers over to them. The bad part is when someone carrying these runs into a real runner team with a decent hacker.
    • Hard Exit

Defiance T-250

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 10P –1 SS/SA 5(m) 4R 450¥ Core
Gas Operated
Pump Operated
Short Barreled Version
Concealability +4
Heavy Pistol Range
DV 4

A common sight on the mean streets when things escalate beyond pistols and knives, this semi-automatic shotgun is available in either a normal-length or short-barreled version. It is gas operated, but also features a secondary pump action for situations where preventing jams is more important than quickly firing a second shot. The short-barreled version has the Concealability of +4, the range of a heavy pistol, and a damage code of 9P.

Enfield AS-7

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4(5) 13P –1 SA/BF 10(c) or 24(d) 12F 1,100¥ Core
TOP:Laser Sight

This military assault shotgun provides its user with massive firepower. As a close-quarters weapon and general combat gun, it is universally feared. It can either be loaded with ten-round ammo clips or a special twenty-four-round drum. The Enfield AS-7 comes equipped with a built-in, top-mounted laser sight.

Franchi SPAS-24

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4(6) 12P -1 SA/BF/FA 1 10(c) 12F 1,050¥ SR5:R&G
Standard upgrades
Shock pad, smartgun system

An upgraded version of the classic SPAS-22, the -24 is a rugged, pump-action combat gun comes standard with a smartgun system and integrated weapon light mounted in the fore-stock. But instead of the traditional folding stock, the -24 comes with a rigid stock and shock pad.

  • Even though it’s the same gun with an after-market stock slapped on, the SPAS-24 is proving to be just as popular with law enforcement/security agencies as the older -22s. It may be slightly more difficult to store a rigid-stock versus folding stock in a patrol cruiser, but the badges appreciate the fact that they don’t have to take those extra seconds to unfold the stock anymore. In a gunfight, seconds count.
    • Sticks

Krime Boss

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
3 13P –1 SA 1 15(d) 11R 600¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories
Metahuman Customization

This drum-fed instrument of death is the latest manufacturing marvel released by Krime for the civilian arms enthusiast. The large frame design absorbs the recoil produced by the shotgun’s rapid-fire capability, allowing the shooter to keep the barrel aimed at their target, whether it’s a paper silhouette, clay pigeon, or an Awakened critter. The Krime Boss makes sure you come out on top of the heap.

  • You can say a lot about how Krime is making a push to the metahuman market segment, but you can’t say a lot about this weapon. To call it inaccurate would be an understatement.
    • Mihoshi Oni
  • I’m more concerned about the booming bass voice over in the advertisements. That style of ad campaign died out nearly fifty years ago.
    • Dr. Spin
  • While the accuracy of the weapon is a little suspect, it sells well in a number of urban areas as a reliable and relatively affordable form of home protection. Would you want to go into a place where the resident had a drum-fed shotgun and can see in the dark?
    • Glitch

Mossberg AM-CMDT

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(7) 12P -1 SA/BF/FA 10(c) 12F 1,400¥ SR5:R&G
Standard upgrades

Shotguns aren’t known for their accuracy, but Mossberg hopes the latest version of their venerable AM-CMDT will change that. After merging their classic combat shotgun design with the latest in smartgun technology, Mossberg recently began a marketing campaign aimed at law enforcement and security agencies that declared the AM-CMDT a “perfect balance between accuracy and firepower.” While previous versions of the CMDT only used flechette ammunition, the current one is capable of accepting all standard shotgun rounds.

  • The accuracy lives up to the hype, but the low ammo capacity doesn’t lend itself to full-auto use. With full ammo, you’ll get one, maybe two trigger pulls before reload is necessary. Best use for this weapon: pick a target and put it down.
    • Hard Exit

PJSS Model 55

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 11P –1 SS (1) 2(b) 9R 1,000¥ Core
Rigid Stock with Shock Pad

This is a weapon of classic style for a classic sport. Produced only in small numbers, it’s renowned among European hunters and trap shooters as a precise and prestigious weapon. The weapon’s rigid stock comes equipped with an integrated shock pad. Both barrels can be shot at once as a short burst (see Not Enough Bullets, p. 180).

Remington 990

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 11P -1 SA 8(c) 6R 950¥ SR5:R&G

Whether you’re on a budget and need a good solid boom-stick, or looking for a nice base weapon to modify the drek out of, you can’t go wrong with the Remington 990. A solid, no-frills design, the 990 has been in steady production for almost seventy years and is widely available in almost every part of the world. Professionals appreciate the weapon’s ruggedness and reliability right out of the box while novices appreciate its ease of use and low cost. The 990 comes standard with a top rail mount and a smaller mount under the fore-stock for accessories.

  • A great weapon for those who consider shooting a secondary skill.
    • DangerSensei
  • And my favorite varmint-gun!
    • Kane
  • Great, he’s drunk-posting again.
    • /dev/grrl

Shiawase Arms Rain

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 10P –1 SA (1) 5(ml) 4R 450¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories
Retractable Stock

Shiawase’s latest entry into the civilian arms market, the Rain features the “Magazine Barrel” popular with many organizations, as it simplifies record keeping and maintenance as the barrel is replaced at the same time as the ammunition. The Rain currently has a number of different shot types available, with Matrix support recommendations based on the laws of your particular locale.

  • I like the standard retractable stock. It makes it more convenient for smaller people, and the sealed ammunition makes it fairly maintenance-light so I can spend time on other things.
    • Clockwork
  • I’m not sure who this weapon is really marketed to. The specs scream law enforcement, but the Matrix campaign seems to be aimed at homeowners.
    • Dr. Spin
  • The weapon almost looks like a technology in search of an application. I understand the whole muzzle-loading thing for pistols as it allows for increased capacity in a smaller space, and it also works for point-defense systems, but a rifle-sized application seem too large to be practical.
    • Hard Exit

Winchester Model 201

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
8 11P –1 SA 2(b) 8R 1,300¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories

A hand-finished over-under double-barrel shotgun, the Model 201 is a fine continuation of the line. Commonly sold to sportsmen around the world, this shotgun is manufactured with a number of different iron sights for traditional competition and hunting. The foregrip’s checker pattern has nine variations available, along with custom carving for those customers who desire a unique look for an heirloom-quality firearm.

  • A fine fowling piece, favored by a number of English nobles. I’ve heard of one referred to as the “best thing to ever be shipped back from the Colonies.” Admittedly the owner would never think of using it in anger, but he still keeps it and a reasonable amount of ammunition in the house.
    • Winterhawk
  • High-quality manufacturing in this one. If you don’t believe me, check out their live camera transmitting the manufacturing process, with the hand-carving station positioned close to the camera for an especially good view. Not that anyone here would want to order a weapon that serves as a big fingerprint if you happen to drop it.
    • Beaker
  • I would prefer to get one from that noble Winterhawk mentioned. What’s the address? Colonies my ass.
    • Kane

Winchester Model 2054

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 (5) 11P –1 SA (1) 7(m) 6R 900¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories
Laser Sight, Retractable Stock

The Model 2054 is a semi-automatic design, originally submitted to the Ute Nation for possible use by their military police. The shotgun features an integral laser sight and retractable stock and can easily be upgraded with a smartgun system. While the Ute Nation ordered the first production runs, the shotgun was made available to civilian purchasers in 2056, after the initial military contract was completed.

  • This is an example of why Winchester has largely concentrated on the civilian market. Sales dried up almost as soon as the Ute Nation was no longer a large customer. The production line only puts together complete weapons for three months a year—it’s used to produce spare parts for other weapons the rest of the year.
    • Dr. Spin
  • There isn’t much special about the shotgun. It’s pretty solid for a twenty-year-old design, but more recent designs are easier to integrate into a PAN.
    • Beaker
  • Like most of the people here are going to use a weapon like this. A few of the hackers here might appreciate the laser sight to help their accuracy, but I don’t know who else would give it a shot. And that group doesn’t matter much (no offense, admin overlords), because usually if they’re using a weapon, the run has pretty much already failed.
    • Hard Exit

Winchester Model 2066

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 11P –1 SS 5(m) 4R 1,000¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories

Featured in the recent trid hit “Mad AIs at Dawn,” the Model 2066 is a development of a classic Winchester shotgun design, modernized for today’s sportsman, combined with a robot slayer. The receiver is constructed with high-tensile steel, improving the weapon’s ability to handle custom hunting loads, while the case-ejection system has been strengthened for shooters who prefer the modern, longer cartridges. The level-action has been designed with self-lubricating parts to ensure smooth operation and loading, which is a critical factor for those caught by surprise in wild country.

  • I understand Winchester wanting to capitalize on the latest trid success, but does a lever-action shotgun really convey the image they want? Old-fashioned is an understatement.
    • Slamm-0!
  • Winchester’s primary customer base is never going to be the military or the big security firms. The best they can hope for, and successfully market toward, are the small purchasers. The company might occasionally manufacture a paramilitary arm, but their base is the sportsman. Their reputation is based on quality and customer service to ensure survival.
    • Dr. Spin
  • Some people prefer the classics.
    • Bull

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