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Hold-out pistols are very concealable and are perfect for sneaking into a meet or wearing as a back-up piece. They don’t have much else going for them, being both weak and inaccurate. Use the Pistols skill when firing a hold-out pistol. Hold-outs can’t take accessories.

Range Table
DP Modifier Short
Pistols Range in Meters
Hold-Out Pistols 0–5 6–15 16–30 31–50
Weapon Acc DV AP Modes RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Colt New Model Revolver 6 5P SA 5 (cy) 4R 180¥ SR5:GH3
Fichetti Tiffani Needler 5 8P(f) +5 SA 4 (c) 6R 1,000¥ Core
Fichetti Tiffani Self-Defender 2075 4 6P SS 4 (c) 3R 350¥ SR5:R&G
Streetline Special 4 6P SA 6 (c) 4R 120¥ Core
Walther Palm Pistol 4 7P SS/BF 2 (b) 4R 180¥ Core

Colt New Model Revolver

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 5P SA 5(cy) 4R 180¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories

The New Model Revolver is Colt’s return to the small-revolver market, launched with a marketing campaign aimed at young homeowners and small security firms. The New Model is manufactured in a variety of small caliber and is largely of conventional design. The cylinder uses a simple left-side drop to allow rapid reloading with the appropriate manufacturer-approved speed loader. This model is only produced at Colt’s Connecticut facility and has largely remained rare outside of northeastern UCAS. Inside the UCAS, citizens can be proud to purchase from one of their homegrown success stories. Trust the quality of a proven manufacturer. Trust the Legend™.

  • A number of these were dropped into Baltimore’s shadow market a few months ago. Lone Star removed their official endorsement of the pistol two weeks later.
    • Sunshine
  • It’s another small-caliber, no-frills pistol put on the market for civilian consumption. It poses little real threat to government or corporate security teams.
    • Hard Exit
  • For a cheap piece of crap, it’s surprisingly accurate. I managed to shoot a 2cm group at nearly 30 meters with one.
    • Kane
  • Did that group happen to land on the nose of a smuggler who owed you money?
    • /dev/grrl
  • <wink>
    • Kane

Fichetti Tiffani Needler

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 8P(f) +5 SA 4(c) 5R 1,000¥ Core
You can change the color of the Tiffani Needler with a Simple Action.

Designed to appeal to social climbers and debutantes, the Tiffani Needler is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It also has a special color-changing coating that can be manipulated via wireless signal. This is useful to make sure your gun matches with your shoes or your handbag. The Needler can only fire flechette rounds (already factored into its damage code).

Fichetti-Tiffani Self-Defender 2075

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 6P SS 4(c) 3R 350¥ SR5:R&G

A purse pistol that has been updated to include the latest in fashion programming for its color-change coating, allowing it to be an excellent accessory for any outfit. Updates are available for a modest annual fee.

  • This is for blending in with the fashionable crowd, not for actual shooting. If your plan calls on using this as a primary or secondary weapon, re-plan.
    • Marcos

Streetline Special

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 6P SA 6(c) 4R 120¥ Core
MAD Scanner
-2 DP to detect Streetline Special

Popular among society’s dregs, the Streetline Special is a small, lightweight weapon made of composite materials.

Walther Palm Pistol

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 7P SS/BF 2(b) 4R 180¥ Core

This is a classic double-barreled derringer in an over-under barrel combination. It packs a punch for its size, but on the downside it has one of the most diminutive “magazine” capacities on the marketjust one bullet per barrel. Both barrels can be fired at once as a short burst (see Not Enough Bullets, p. 180).

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