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Heavy pistols are powerful sidearms that are a good compromise between concealability and firepower. When you shoot a heavy pistol, you use the Pistols skill. Heavy pistols can take top- and barrel- mounted accessories.

Range Table
DP Modifier Short
Pistols Range in Meters
Heavy Pistols 0–5 6–20 21–40 41–60
Weapon Acc DV AP Modes RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
Ares Predator V 5 (7) 8P -1 SA 15 (c) 5R 725¥ Core
Ares Viper Silvergun 4 9P(f) +4 SA/BF 30 (c) 8F 380¥ Core
Browning Ultra-Power 5 (6) 8P -1 SA 10 (c) 4R 640¥ Core
Cavalier Deputy 6 7P -1 SA 7 (cy) 3R 225¥ SR5:R&G
Colt Future Frontier 5 8P -1 SS 7 (cy) 6R 500¥ SR5:GH3
Colt Government 2066 6 7P -1 SA 14 (c) 7R 425¥ Core
Colt Manhunter 5 (6) 8P -1 SS 16 (c) 5R 700¥ SR5:HT
Lemat 2072, revolver barrel 5 8P -1 SS 9 (cy) 8R 1,080¥ SR5:HT
Lemat 2072, shotgun barrel 5 10P(f) +4 SS 1 (b) 8R 1,080¥ SR5:HT
Onotari Arms Violator 5 (7) 7P -1 SA 1 10 (c) 7R 550¥ SR5:R&G
PSK-3 Collapsible Heavy Pistol 4 8P -1 SA 10 (c) 16F 1,050¥ SR5:R&G
Remington Roomsweeper 4 7P -1 SA 8 (m) 6R 250¥ Core
Ruger Super Warhawk 5 9P -2 SS 6 (cy) 4R 400¥ Core
Savalette Guardian 5 (7) 8P -1 SA/BF 1 12 (c) 6R 870¥ SR5:R&G

Ares Predator V

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(7) 8P –1 SA 15(c) 5R 725¥ Core

The newest iteration of the most popular handgun in the world, especially with mercenaries and shadowrunners. Upgraded with improved ergonomics and handling features, the Ares Predator V includes a smartgun system. Some say that the Ares Predator V isn’t better than other guns in its class, but no one can argue that it has better brand recognition.

Ares Viper Silvergun

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 9P(f) +4 SA/BF 30(c) 8F 380¥ Core
Integral Silencer

The sleek Slivergun pairs the undeniably winning combo of burst-fire capability and built-in sound suppression (an integral silencer, p. 432) with its large magazine capacity. It fires metal slivers that count as flechette ammunition, which is factored into the weapon’s damage code.

Browning Ultra-Power

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(6) 8P –1 SA 10(c) 4R 640¥ Core
TOP:Integral Laser Sight

This venerable sidearm is the Ares Predator’s primary competition as the world’s toughest heavy pistol. It offers a built-in top-mounted laser sight and is slightly cheaper.

Cavalier Deputy

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 7P -1 SA 7(cy) 3R 225¥ SR5:R&G

With the return of Western aesthetics in fashion, the Deputy has become a choice for modern-day urban cowboys and gunslingers. Less punishing to the wrist and carrying a seven-chamber cylinder, this pistol is a choice competitor to the Ruger Super Warhawk.

Colt Future Frontier

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 8P –1 SS 7(cy) 6R 500¥ SR5:GH3
Standard Upgrades/Accessories
Melee Hardening

This large-frame pistol harkens back to the days of the Wild West with its classic grip and stylistic elements. Combined with modern manufacturing techniques and metallurgy, the Future Frontier provides the discriminating shooter with the best of both worlds. A redesign of the spring mechanism allows for ease of maintenance and replacement by certified personnel, while the enlarged cylinder handles a number of nostalgic calibers and propellant loads. This is a thorough redesign of a pistol that helped expand a nation, providing yet another reason to Trust the Legend™.

  • What a load of drek. The primary suggested loads for this pistol are unjacketed compressed light-metal bullets. Who uses those things?
    • Bull
  • The Wild West Reenactment Society switched to them for all competitions after the green movement managed to outlaw unjacketed lead at a number of their ranges.
    • Glitch
  • And who here is likely to use one of these, Glitch? I doubt anyone even considers this a decent home-defense piece.
    • Hard Exit
  • Perhaps not, but I had a client who kept a pair of these loaded in a wall display. They came in handy when the assassin brought his assault team friends to the house with him. They made big enough holes in the window for the client to get out while the assailants were trying to figure out what was going on. Having a weapon hiding in plain sight is not a bad idea.
    • Mihoshi Oni

Colt Government 2066

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
6 7P –1 SA 14(c) 7R 425¥ Core

This government-issue weapon, styled after the legendary Colt M1911a1, uses an electrically induced spark to detonate the bullet’s propellants. The removal of most moving parts from the firing mechanism gives this weapon a reputation for being exceptionally reliable.

Colt Manhunter

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
8P –1 SA 16(c) 5R 700¥ SR5:HT

Falling a distant third place between the constant advertising battle between the Savalette Guardian and the Ares Predator V, Colt has taken a different track with the latest iteration of the Manhunter. Removingt the smartlink and the associated features like electronic safety and clip ejection, and shifting everything back to traditional mechanical mechanisms with the exception of a holographic sight (p. 181). The worst a hacker can do is make you slightly less accurate with this gun and that appeals to a lot of the less technologically minded consumers. While production numbers are currently significantly smaller than its competitors, it is still readily available and a common sight on the streets.

Lemat 2072

Lemat 2072 (Revolver barrel)

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 8P -1 SS 9(cy) ¥ SR5:HT

Lemat 2072 (Shotgun barrel)

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 10P(f) +4 SS 1(b) ¥ SR5:HT

This surprising offering from Krupp Arms is a throwback to the rare pistol used in the Confederacy during the Civil War. This pistol uses a double-barrel design with the cylinder rotating around a large central chamber that holds a single 20-gauge shotgun shell (most commonly loaded with a flechette round). A bit large for human hands with a strong kick, it fits well in larger metahuman hands. This design combined with the Kriegfaust has some speculating that Krupp may be trying to compete with Krime for the metahuman weapons market. Switching the firing mode to fire the central shotgun chamber requires a Simple Action. This function is controlled by the custom-built ammo skip system included with this model.

Wireless bonus: Switching the fire mode becomes a Free Action.

Onotari Arms Violator

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(7) 7P -1 SA 1 10(c) 7R 550¥ SR5:R&G
Standard upgrades
Advanced safety system, internal smartgun, safe target system base

Constantly updated to take advantage of its reputation for using the latest integrated electronics and modern materials, this pistol has become the poster child on gun ranges everywhere as the latest for cutting-edge shootists. It comes with a smartlink, basic safe target system, and an advanced safety system (also basic), all updated constantly for a modest annual fee to Onotari Arms. A patented delayed-recoil operation, along with caseless ammunition to cut down on moving parts, help with making tight, double-tapped groups in targets.

  • Tech geeks everywhere love this thing—on the other side of a fight, since it can do so much once you hack into it. If you’ve got one, make sure you protect it properly!
    • Slamm-0!

PSK-3 Collapsible Heavy Pistol

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 8P -1 SA 10(c) 16F 1,050¥ SR5:R&G

Designed for the Russian UGB secret police in 2061, this pistol is able to fold up into a box barely larger than an old-style wallet when the clip is removed. Formerly a clandestine weapon made only for the UGB, information about it leaked to the public rather quickly and it became a popular choice for protection details and spy agencies around the world. Able to flip into combat mode with the press of a single button, it requires a custom silencer that must be bought separately for 700¥.

Remington Roomsweeper

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
4 7P –1 SA 8(m) 6R 250¥ Core
Flechette Ammo
DV 9P(f), AP +4

This is really more of a short-barreled shotgun than a pistol. When loaded with shot rounds (flechette) rather than solid slugs, it uses Heavy Pistol ranges but shotgun rules (Shotguns, p. 180).

Ruger Super Warhawk

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5 9P –2 SS 6(cy) 4R 400¥ Core

This revolver is as loud as a jet liner and twice as shiny. It’s also one of the scariest handguns in the world. The cased ammo variant is popular for the sheer thrill of swinging open the cylinder gate one handed and dumping spent brass.

Savalette Guardian

Acc DV AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost Source
5(7) 8P -1 SA/BF 1 12(c) 6R 870¥ SR5:R&G
Standard upgrades

This heavily chromed street monster of a pistol has been popular in the shadows for over two decades. A heavy pistol with an integrated smartgun link, an internal micro-gyro recoil absorption system, and the option for burst firing, it’s a very reasonable weapon for an experienced owner who expects to be in heavy combat.

  • A lot of private investigators and bodyguards who work in nasty places or with nasty people carry this. The micro-gyro system requires a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it!
    • Hard Exit

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