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For a quarter of a century now, cyber-implant melee weapons have been the classic, favored toys of razor guys, from street muscle to professional urban samurai. They are available as cyberarm upgrades, but can also be installed directly into the flesh. Cyber weapons can be readied via muscle flexture, neural impulse, or wireless signal. Attacks with cyber melee weapons use Unarmed Combat skill and the Physical limit.

Cyber-implant weapons can be installed into cyberlimbs or directly into the meat. They’re popular with the denizens of urban wastelands like the Barrens, and with street samurai who never want to go anywhere unarmed.

See the Implant Cyberware Page for Cyber Stats.

Weapon Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
Cyber Hand Blade Physical (STR+2)P -2 10F 2,500¥ Core
Cyber Hand Razors Physical (STR+1)P -3 8F 1,250¥ Core
Cyber Shock Hand Physical 9S(e) -5 8R 5,000¥ Core
Cyber Spurs Physical (STR+3)P -2 12F 5,000¥ Core
Extreme Cyber-Implant Physical 1 (STR+5)P 8F 2,000¥ SR5:CF
Fangs Physical (STR)P 6 200¥ SR5:CF
Fangs, retractable Physical (STR)P 8 500¥ SR5:CF
Junkyard Jaw Physical (STR+3)P -6 8F 2,000¥ SR5:CF
Oral Slasher Physical 1 6P -3 12R 750¥ SR5:CF

Cyber Hand Blade

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
(STR+2)P –2 10F 2,500¥ Core

Hand razors are blades two to three centimeters long, made of chromed steel or carbon fiber. They either slide out from beneath your fingernails or replace them entirely.

Cyber Hand Razors

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
(STR+1)P –3 8F 1,250¥ Core

Hand blades slip out the side of the hand opposite the thumb, parallel to the hand, and while they are universally thin and sharp, they come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Cyber Shock Hand

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
9S(e) –5 8R 5,000¥ Core
10 Charges
Recharge One Charge per 10 Seconds

The shock hand is like a shock glove built into the palm of your hand, perfect for inflicting a nasty shock to anything it comes into contact with. Shock hands deal Electricity damage and have ten charges in each hand; when plugged in they recharge at a rate of one charge per ten seconds.

Cyber Spurs

Acc Reach DV AP Avail Cost Source
(STR+3)P –2 12F 5,000¥ Core

Spurs are one to three blades or spikes protruding from the back of your wrist or your knuckles, sticking out from your fist as much as thirty centimeters.

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